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Abstract Art Workshop with Anamika Singh

Abstract Art Workshop with Anamika Singh

 Abstract art is open to interpretation, and that is one of the beautiful things about it. Abstract art gives one the freedom to explore the artwork and assign their own meaning to the piece. Abstract art is not “about nothing” it is  all about form, color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process.Abstract art doesn’t contain
Abstract dot art

Abstract Dot Art with Rakshita Jain

Dot painting is one of the easiest forms of art. This is the kind of painting in which dotting tools and paint are used to create beautiful motifs and other designs on paper, canvas, wood and cloth. The best thing about dot painting is that it gives a positive vibe and brings a lot of

Abstract Art Workshop with Virti Gandhi

Abstract Art depicts visual reality with indefinite patterns using the power of the colours. Abstract painting is a technique favourable for any surface or medium. This form of art transcends us beyond physical reality. Abstract art is a free-flowing art requiring negligible precision. The Rooftop team brings together Abstract Art Workshop with Virit Gandhi. About
3D floral Envelopes

3D Floral Envelopes with Priya Luharuka

Envelopes have been in use for gifting money and posting letters. We have used it for a long time. One can now use Floral Envelopes for creative gifting for their beloved friends and family. To explore the process of creating floral envelopes, Rooftop organized an interactive and fun workshop about 3D Floral Envelopes with expert
Acrylic Food Illustrations

Acrylic Food Illustration Workshop with Sejal Gupta

Food illustration focuses on color as it plays a major role in determining the mood of an illustration visually. The aim of food illustration is to celebrate the beauty of food using colors. Acrylic food illustration is fun to draw because it has a lot to convey through textures and honors cuisines of various cultures.
Abstract Acrylic Flowers

Abstract Acrylic Flowers Workshop with Rhea Anand

Abstract acrylic art is a high quality fine acrylic painting which is manufactured in France. It was first created in the 20th century in order to help one express their thoughts and creativity. Abstract paintings are of many kinds such as two or three-dimensional illustrations, small and huge display arts, and much more. To make