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Indian Folk Art

The Magic of Rooftop’s Curated Experiences

When it comes to weddings, everyone wants to make the day as special and memorable as possible. But for Nisha* and Jatin*, their wedding was truly one for the books. They entrusted Rooftop to make their two-state wedding an event that would be remembered for decades to come. The idea for incorporating art into the
Dhokra Handicraft
Culture & Heritage

Dhokra handicrafts: The story so far

We have all seen the famous ‘Dancing Girl ’of Mohenjodaro sculpture at least once, either in our school history textbooks or in a handicraft store. At first, it may seem to be like any other abstract art piece to adorn your house. But there is more to the sculpture and its provenance. It is what
Patola Saree
Culture & Heritage

The Timeless Beauty of the Elegant Patola Sarees

The Patola sarees are rich handloom silk sarees from Gujarat, and the name translates to ‘queen of silks’. These sarees are known for their distinctive vibrant colours and are filled with motifs depicting animals and flowers. Did you know that the geometric motifs are so intricately and carefully woven into this textile that the saree
Art & Leisure

The Music in Indian Art

Exploring the music in Indian art is like diving into a sea of rich cultural heritage. From ancient Vedic hymns to contemporary Bollywood tunes, Indian music has always been an integral part of our art and culture. In our latest blog post, we take a closer look at the various forms of Indian music and
Why Art should be considered a STEM subject?

Why art should be considered a STEM subject

When one thinks of education in the STEM fields, art would be the last thing that comes to mind. Art as a STEM subject sounds as strange as it does unimportant. However, this is simply a result of a post-industrial revolution line of thinking where the best you could be as a person is to

History of Rogan Painting and its creators

As travellers, whenever we visit the handlooms and check the handicrafts of a new place that we come to, we often tend to think that the artisans there are looting us. Since we are tourists, we feel that our lack of local experience can make us vulnerable to a bad deal. “This piece of art