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Kashmiri Influence on Mughal Flower Motifs

Mughal flower motifs are a tribute to nature's beauty. Early Mughal court painters used floral patterns to design the borders of miniature paintings and illustrate court epics. The major shift from the earlier tradition of flower painting is seen during the reign of Jahangir when artists like Mansur and Abu’l Hasan painted flowering plants to capture their likeness in nature. During the royal visit to Kashmir, Mansur painted more than a hundred paintings of flowers. This unprecedented scale of paintings transformed the floral motifs of Mughal Art.
Indian Folk Art

Visual Poetry of Love: Kangra School of Pahari Painting

The Kangra Art focuses on portraits of rulers who patronised them, legends of Krishna, and the most important, intermittencies of the heart.
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Learn Cheriyal Scroll Painting from Rooftop’s Maestro Courses

Learn Cheriyal Scroll Painting, a 400-year-old South-Indian Folk Art Are you a fan of paintings that weave a narrative through multiple panels? Along with Phad paintings, Cheriyal paintings are also a traditional form of folk storytelling. These art forms have existed for hundreds of years, and while they may include contemporary themes today, their styles
Indian Tribal Art

Kurumba Painting- A Celebration Of Creativity, Community, And Culture

When you think of tribal art forms, you might think of Warli, Bhil, or Gond painting. After all, these art forms have gained international recognition due to the efforts of artists and the government. However, India is a vast country with hundreds of cultures and communities, and there are still several art forms that are near extinction because not enough efforts have been made to conserve them. Creating awareness about tribal art forms like Kurumba painting is essential to ensuring their survival. Kurumba painting is one of India’s lesser-known tribal art forms. This blog will guide you through the tools, traditions, and techniques of Kurumba painting.
Sanjhi art
Indian Folk Art

Exploring The Spiritual Art Form Of Sanjhi Art

Do you remember using stencils in art class when you were in school? Or perhaps you’ve used them to make rangolis during Diwali. Stencils are easy to use and a great way to reduce the work needed to finish a complicated artwork. Chances are, you’ve always viewed them as a tool. But what if we told you that stencils are not just a tool but a medium to create intricate artwork? The Sanjhi art of Mathura is one such art form that uses stencils to create breath-taking and intricate religious imagery.

Buzzling Street Art of India

In the West, the debate surrounds the need to draw boundaries between institutionalised street art and destructive graffiti. However, in India, the debated boundaries, between sanctioned vs unsanctioned street art, real art vs degraded graffiti, art galleries vs. street art, etc, are getting blurred and are more or less redundant. In the blog, you will understand these debates while learning about various street artists and their artworks.