Art therapy, also known as expressive therapy, takes art as a medium that allows people to explore and express their emotions and thoughts. And the best part is that one doesn’t need to be very creative or artistic to take up this therapy. Rooftop digs deeper into the realms of art therapy books.

Reading And Art

Reading is an art form, because it requires some of the same skills as making art. When we read, we are making the novel, the story, the poem, the memoir, with the author. On the shelf, the pages are simply full of words but the book comes alive in our hand, our ear, our eye. Rooftop brings you 10 such art therapy books that use art to express and convey emotion. 

Dancing Mindfulness 

Using tricks and step-by-step exercises, dancer and clinical counselor Dr. Jamie Marich expertly explains to you about the seven primary elements of mindfulness in motion: breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit and fusion.

Art Therapy Books
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The Creative Connection – Expressive Art As Healing 

Dr. Natalie Rogers has introduced a process called the Creative Connection that all the expressive arts — movement, sound, drawing, painting, writing, and guided imagery — to tap into the deep ocean of creativity within each of us. Rogers emphasizes the importance of psychological safety and freedom while using the creative arts mentioned in this art therapeutic book. 

 The Soul’s Palette

Making art, according to Cathy Malchiodi, is as important to your physical and spiritual health as balanced nutrition, regular exercise, meditation or any other day-to-day requirement. Expressing yourself creatively—through drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography allows you to dive into a source of inner wisdom that provides guidance, soothes emotional pain, and revitalizes your being. 

Art Therapy Books
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A Court of Thorn And Roses 

Sarah J. Maas beautifully wrote this book with Feyre Archeron as the protagonist and narrator of A Court of Thorns and Roses, a skilled yet reluctant huntress who dreams of being a painter and creates something when she wants to. 

What It Is 

How do objects summon memories? What do real images feel like? For decades, these types of questions have decorated the pages of Lynda Barry’s compositions with words attracting pictures and conjuring places through a pen that first and foremost keeps on moving.

Art Therapy Books
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Art Is A Way Of Knowing 

Written by Pat B. Allen, this book is worth reading. Making art—giving form to the images that arise in our mind’s eye, our dreams, and our everyday lives—is a spiritual practice through which knowledge of ourselves get the shape of wisdom. 

Art Heals

The field of art therapy is discovering that artistic expression can be a powerful medium of personal transformation and emotional and spiritual healing.

In this book, Shaun McNiff, a leader in expressive arts therapy for more than three decades. She reflects a wide spectrum of activities about reviving art’s traditional healing function. 

Creative Revolution

Flora Bowley signified in this book that painting, other than a mere hobby, is many things. It can be a vehicle transforming your mind, body, and spirit! Painting sparks a revolution that involves heart, creativity, courage, and trust!

250 Brief, Creative, Practical Art Therapy Techniques 

Written by Susan Buchalter, this book is creative, fun & fast therapeutic warm-ups! Briefly, this is the perfect way to break the ice and get clients feeling comfortable and motivated to participate in individual or group therapy. 

Art Therapy Books
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Expressive Art Therapy 

Early chapters show the historical context and theoretical grounding for this emerging field. Later chapters depict the cycles of the creative process, from beginning through finding a voice, bringing art to life, and closure. Further offering references to experiential exercises, personal stories, and poetries related to that cycle. 

Art Therapy Books can change lives and have amazing healing powers that can help individuals in addiction recovery. Reading makes transportation and transformation possible. So, grab any art therapy book and enter into the world of dreams! 

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