Dhokra Handicraft

Dhokra handicrafts: The story so far

We have all seen the famous ‘Dancing Girl ’of Mohenjodaro sculpture at least once, either in our school history textbooks or in a handicraft store. At first, it may seem to be like any other abstract art piece to adorn your house. But there is more to the sculpture and its provenance. It is what

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The Uniqueness of Miniature Paintings

Miniature painting Typically, miniature paintings are created on small canvases and have detailed brushwork. The word “miniature” is derived from the Latin word ‘minium’, meaning “red lead,” and refers to the small size of the paintings. Miniature paintings are commonly associated with the art practice of the Persian, Indian, and Chinese courts, as well as

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Rare Indian Art Auction at Christie’s in London

Indian art auction is sales events where products and services are bought and sold through bidding. There is a lot of competition among people as they try to obtain their desired item. In Indian art auctions, different types of exclusive artworks are up for bidding, and the highest bidders can own them. Everyone is welcome

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