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10 Steps to Write a Great Proposal for Art Grants

Writing a grant proposal in itself is quite diverse. You might be writing for a residency program, a fellowship, a project grant, or anything like that. No two applications can ever be the same. Some might give you straight questions, and others can be more twisted, along with boxes to fit your answers in. Some foundations require a list of things to be included in your proposal: project description, resume, budget, and so on.

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What To Keep In Mind While Switching To New Art Mediums

Introduction To Art Mediums Anything can be used to create art. You may have seen artwork made from trash, household items, leaves, and other unconventional materials. Art mediums are, simply put, the materials that you use to create art. Art mediums vary in shape, size, consistency, and colour and can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The

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Watercolour painting

The Beginner’s Guide To Watercolour Painting

An Introduction To Watercolour Painting Are you a complete beginner to the world of watercolours? Or have your previous attempts resulted in dismal failure? This medium can be intimidating, as watercolour painting is very different from painting with acrylic or oil paints. The mesmerising fluidity of watercolour paint sets it apart from other art mediums.

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Learning Advanced Art Techniques: Composition And Perspective

An Introduction To Advanced Art Techniques Sometimes you may see an interesting effect in a painting and wonder how the artist achieved it. Did they have a fixed method or technique they followed? Art techniques are methods that make the drawing and painting process much easier. They are tried-and-tested ways of achieving a particular effect.

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Indian Art Forms

5 Popular Motifs Seen In Traditional Indian Art Forms

The Art Of Storytelling Using Motifs In Indian Art Forms Traditional Indian storytelling is filled with symbolism and metaphors. Motifs can be used to weave a story by associating simple elements with a myriad of qualities. The multi-faceted nature of symbols has always featured prominently in traditional Indian art forms. Depending on the theme and

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A hand drawn sketch by a kid. Engaging kids in creative play.

The Artful Playground: Engaging Kids in Creative Play and Expression

The imagination of kids is a wonderful thing. One can never keep up with it. One moment they will be digging in the ground pretending to be a miner of worms. Another moment they will be an astronaut flying to the planet cheesecake! Engaging kids in creative play and providing opportunities for artistic expression becomes

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Understanding The Motifs And Themes Of Pattachitra

India has been home to many kinds of art forms, some of which have survived the test of time. The modern art materials and colours have influenced the evolution of some art forms, , while others have remained the same. In this article, Rooftop talks about the intricate motifs and the beautiful themes of Pattachitra

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Evolution of paint brush in Indian Art

Paint Brush in Indian Art: A tool of tradition and innovation

The humble Paint brush has always been an integral part of Indian art and culture. From the ancient cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora to the intricate miniature works of Mughal art, artists used these paint brushes to create vibrant, unique masterpieces. In this blog, Rooftop brings to you the evolution of paint brushes and

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