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Dark Academia and Indian Art

In the world of social media where people form a community and share their experiences through pictures, subcultures on Instagram and Tumblr have emerged. They all have their distinct criteria of beauty or what is ‘aesthetic’. One such ‘aesthetic’ is Dark Academia, which popularised learning of ancient arts and classics. The trend has also dribbled onto non-western audiences. Though the impact of Dark Academia is limited in India, a few aspects of it are picked up to make what is called Desi Dark Academia which has the potential of popularising Indian Art furthermore. 

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art events in August

Top 5 Art Trends That Need To Stay

Art Trends: Passing Phases That Leave A Lasting Impact Are trends meant to be fleeting? Or do they leave a lasting impact? Certain art trends may have seemed temporary in the past but played an influential role in the development of ‘art’ as we know it today. Art trends define the decisions that artists make

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Watercolour painting

The Beginner’s Guide To Watercolour Painting

An Introduction To Watercolour Painting Are you a complete beginner to the world of watercolours? Or have your previous attempts resulted in dismal failure? This medium can be intimidating, as watercolour painting is very different from painting with acrylic or oil paints. The mesmerising fluidity of watercolour paint sets it apart from other art mediums.

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Rooftop App

7 Ways To Start Making Art On The Rooftop App

Learning Art Through Practice On The Rooftop App Hello, art enthusiasts! Are you unsure about how to continue your art journey? No need to worry, when Rooftop is here! In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult for artists to find the time to sit down and create. When you finally find the time, you may face

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Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

From Studio to Skyline: The Exciting Journey of Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

Background of Rajasthan Studio What began as a humble initiative in the heart of Jaipur has now transformed into a bustling global community, reaching heights that were previously unimaginable. This is the incredible journey of Rajasthan Studio and its evolution into Rooftop, a platform for art lovers from all over the world. Born out of

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Rooftop app

Top 10 Art-tastic ways to use the Rooftop app!

Welcome art lovers! Get ready to turbo-charge your creativity with a tool that’s revolutionising the world of traditional Indian art – the Rooftop app! This sizzling-hot art tech platform is not just an app, it’s an art carnival that celebrates the heritage, culture and history of the diverse forms of folk and tribal art. On

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Indian art and tattoos

Indian art and tattoos: History, evolution and relevance

Indian art and tattoos have been linked to each other for centuries. For many traditional tattoo artists, the month of Shravan on the Hindu calendar is considered the holiest month of the year, also the time of peak business. However, the demand for traditional tattoos is on a sharp decline and what was once considered

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Art and mental health

Art and mental health: Benefits of traditional art for well-being

The idea that art and mental health can be correlated is a foreign concept for so many. But art therapy is increasingly becoming the go-to option to improve social, emotional and mental health by promoting self compassion, insight, sense of agency and self worth. With physical inactivity and social isolation at an all time high,

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Tribal Indian art

The perception and appeal of folk and tribal Indian art globally

When we talk about famous artworks, our mind immediately goes to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci or the Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, but the perception and appeal of folk and tribal Indian art has steadily risen over the years and has quickly become one of the most sought after art styles

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