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The Magnificent Motifs Of Rogan Painting

While Madhubani, Banarasi, and Kalamkari are well-known Indian textile art forms, there are several that remain underappreciated. Rogan painting is one such form of textile art that is still being practised today in Gujarat by members of the Khatri community.
Let us uncover the magnificent motifs of Rogan painting by taking a look at its history and themes.

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Imperial Themes in Mughal Court Paintings 

As you dive deep into the world of Mughals, you will see a vibrant Indo-Persian visual culture depicted through Mughal architecture and paintings. In terms of architecture, aesthetics, glamour, and size are more likely to awe people with the power and prestige of the empire. But paintings were expensive and time-consuming, and only a few nobles had access to them. Moreover, the orthodox Islamic tradition has put restrictions on painting the likeness of humans. Despite these religious restrictions, Mughal court painters did not shy away from rendering human figures, especially that of spiritual significance. 

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Exploring Uncommon Pattachitra Motifs and Themes

Just as a million drops of water make up the sea, a multitude of themes, motifs, and subjects grace Indian traditional paintings. A prominent example is ‘composite paintings’, in which parts of humans, animals, or objects are used to make up a complete picture.

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5 Exhibitions That Left An Impact On Indian Art History

Evolving Ideas And Their Influence On Indian Art History Art is constantly evolving due to exposure to new ideas and ideologies. Most people have heard of European art movements such as the Renaissance period, Impressionism, Post-modernism, etc. However, India too witnessed periods or movements that redefined the meaning and perception of art. Through the various

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A Brief History Of Lithography In India

While the rest of the world was moving to typography, the lithography technique of printing had gained immense popularity in India. Although the reproduction of written material dates back to Indus Valley times, ‘printing’ in India is less than 500 years old.

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Evolution of the Chamba School of Pahari Painting

Pahari painting has several schools of art and Chamba is one of them. These schools, in most of their aspects, are similar to one another, and gauging the differences between these schools requires a deep understanding of form and style. Here, we will take you through the changes and fluctuations the Chamba School of Pahari painting has gone through in its evolution. Its distinct traditions predominated its paintings while commingling with styles that came from the outside.

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