Author Ashok Aatrey Rajasthan Studio

Kahaani ka Samay with Author Ashok Aatreya

At this subdued, inspiration session, Kahaani ka Samay, author Ashok Aatreya read carefully-picked extracts from his celebrated book “Aasman Ke Bina.” To make it a very thought-provoking Circle exchange among artists, there were critics present as special attendees who gave their point of view on his book as well as his style of writing. As

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Anupama Bose Rajasthan Studio

Customer Experiences with Anupama Bose

Anupama Bose started her journey as a textile designer, 23 years ago. After working under fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani, she moved to Jaipur, where she succeeded in establishing her own brand. c, Bose shared her creative trysts with Katan-weaves Ruchika Modi which led her to design unisex uniforms for the staff at Ramm Bagh Hotel

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Comedy workshop Rajasthan Studio

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Yash Maheshwari

Yash Maheshwari’s unsurpassed ability to deliver rapid-fire, one-liners and apt punch lines makes his audience go rolling in the comedy workshop. At this particular hands-on session, however, Maheshwari prompted the attendees to write their jokes around a basic structure that he outlined for them at the beginning of the session. The trick went home well

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Storytelling Rajasthan Studio

Storytelling with Dr. Shweta Singh

A storytelling master, Dr Shweta Singh is able to fluidly transition words into gripping stories with as much dexterity as a painter uses in filling colour in her paintings. A wordsmith par excellence, she is a performer who understands the meaning of stories and tells them in a manner that makes them instantly come to

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Feather Painting Rajasthan Studio

Feather Painting Session with Aditi Agarwal

Anyone who has ever worked with a bird’s discarded feather for an art material to paint upon knows how difficult the medium can be. Feather painting is not a child’s play. You need to know the feather type, what colours it would absorb, how it can be preserved, and in what season you can expect

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Aesthetics Connotation Rajasthan Studio

Aesthetics Connotation With Amit Kalla

Aesthetics connotes different things to different people. During his by-invitation, specially-curated Rooftop session, Amit Kalla, an artist of repute spoke about his journey as a trainee that started from his days as a student at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University. He was a Left-dominated socio-political hub that was also very culturally alive and still is. At

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Percussion Session with Varenya Joshi

Percussion Session with Varenya Joshi

An exhilarating percussion round with Varenya Joshi is enough to transport anyone into a different realm altogether. During the session, participants learned how big the drumming world is. Varenya used the session to discuss the basic tenets of music and sound. He played different materials to create a sound that gave us deep insight into

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Minimalism Photography Prakash Ghai Rajasthan Studio

Minimalism Photography Session With Prakash Ghai

If there is one lesson that Prakash Ghai’s minimalism photography delivers at home, it is that very often, ‘less’ sensory, de-cluttered experience of our immediate environment can be ‘more’ stimulating – a classic case of less is more! Prakash Ghai’s session gave participants a deep insight into the oft-ignored sensory experiences that can be picked

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Yoga Rajasthan Studio

New Moon Yoga Ritual Session

Just as the lunar cycle affects the tidal waves of the ocean, it has an effect on everything from a woman’s menstrual cycle; our energy levels; to throwing open the psychic doorways of our consciousness. It is said that one is more receptive and ‘psychic’ during the new moon, so what could be better than

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