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Benefits of art as home decor 

Why personalise your home decor? 

Your home is your sanctuary! It is your place of relaxation and getting away from the outside world. Having a familiar and comfortable environment gives a sense of security and stability. It is a space you share with family and loved ones, building conversation and meaningful relationships. Most importantly, it is your personal canvas to express yourself and your identity. Hence, choosing home decor is not a task one should take lightly.  

There are several factors to consider when creating your safe haven.

Personal taste in home decor

Image source: KotArt 

It is important to choose home decor that resonates with you and your personality. It is very common for first time homeowners, especially, to get carried away in recreating a pinterest-perfect home which might not suit their personal style.  

Look around at your space and furniture, your home decor must fit the same theme and style. Select art that compliments your space and aesthetic, whether it is minimalist, bohemian, traditional, contemporary or otherwise. Another deal breaker while looking for inspiration is to note the colour palette of your home. You may want to use bright, vibrant tones or more subtle, dulcet pastel hues to enrich your space. 

The art you select should add to the emotional connection you feel for your home. While making these choices, ask yourself questions like, “does this art excite me?” or “is this piece of art speaking to me?”. Your home is a place that brings you joy and is a reflection of your thoughts and personality, so let it be authentically you! 


Image source: VibeCrafts

Take into account the scale and size of the artwork you desire, and compare it to the dimensions of your home. Large, bold pieces of art speak volumes in spacious rooms, while smaller art fits intimate walls perfectly. A good understanding of scale will help in the purchase of accurate art for home decor. 

Look for pieces that are well-made, durable, and will stand the test of time, whether they’re originals, limited editions, or prints. Will the colours used in the painting be affected by moisture? Are there chances of spillage on this side of the wall? These are some questions you may need to ask yourself. 

Position your art home decor where it can be appreciated without being overshadowed by glare or sunlight. Certain pieces would compliment yellow lights or artificial ceiling lights instead of the old school white. Lighting and placement adjustments go a long way in getting the perfect balance in your home. 

Budget for home decor 

Image source: Carousell

Settling on a reasonable budget for your art home decor should be your priority, before any other criteria. Explore a variety of options within your price range. Art is an investment, so there is no harm in setting high standards for you and your home.

Why go the Indian route?

India has a wide range of art forms that enhance your living space, while still paying respect to your cultural heritage. There are multiple benefits of using Indian art as home decor. A few of them are mentioned here. 

Tastefulness in home decor

Image source: Design Cafe 

Using Indian art as home decor is a great way of showcasing your unique taste in culture. Knowledge about using the correct pieces of Indian art gives a feeling of elegance and gracefulness to your home. From Mughal miniature paintings to Rajasthani artwork, having these timeless pieces of Indian art in your abode portrays tastefulness. 

Indian art is renowned for vibrant colour palettes and intricate patterns. These textural components add a layer of depth to your interiors. Whether it is wall art, embroidery, tapestry or pottery, having such a home decor can enhance your space and create interest. 

Promotes Indian art and artists livelihood

Image source: Medium 

Indian art is created meticulously with great intricacy and craftsmanship. Most of the techniques have been passed down through generations, with only a few families across the country engaged in the artform. Incorporating a piece of Indian art as home decor would support the honest artist and bring in a sense of that particular art into your home. 

Not only will your home feel warm and infused with culture, but you would also be supporting the work of such artists. Your purchase of their hard work helps them stay motivated to pursue their art. More engagement with Indian art is always welcomed by Indian artists.  

Home decor evoking emotions 

Image source: WishNWed

Displaying Indian art as home decor in your living room or dining area is a good conversation starter over dinner or drinks. Each piece has its own story and cultural history, hence it provides an opportunity to share one’s own travel experiences as a bonding activity. Indian art has the capacity to evoke nostalgia or memories. 

Indian art forms such as mandalas offer a feeling of calmness and serenity in the mind. According to Feng Shui, having minimalist art pieces as home decor in your bedroom has proven to be beneficial. They are most often thought provoking, which leaves more room for personal interpretation.

Image source: Urban Ladder

To sum it all up…

The choice of art as your home decor plays a more important role than one would expect. Your home is your safe space. Having Indian art has multiple physical and emotional benefits. It gives a sense of elegance, brings out different emotions among people and contributes to the livelihood of the artist. 

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By Freya Bulsara 

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