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Behad Naftron ke Dino Mein with Rang Mastaney

Rang Mastaney Jaipur Artists

Rang Mastaney theatre group led by Nipun Mathur presented the story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim Girl, who lived across the Indo-Pak border. The story demolishes a few common myths about communities residing on either side of the barbed line. The narrative presents a sharp contrast between the hatred that engulfs them on the outside as love continues to bloom in their hearts through the seemingly impersonal but not so, online chat medium. The actors from Rang Mastaney gave a riveting performance that held the audience spellbound throughout the act.

Attendees Present at the Session

Ms. Ruppa Ekka, Prof. Bhawani Shankar Sharma, and Ms. Vijaya Sinha

(Standing Left to Right) Mr. Shantanu Chaturvedi, Mr. Nirankar Singh, Ms. Swati Gaggar, Mr. Kartik Gaggar (RS), Mr. Abhishek Paresh, Mr. Kunal Asudaani, Ms. Palak  Agarwal, Mr.  Rahul Garg, Ms. Neetu Shekhawat, Mr. Harish Jangid, Ms. Ananya Jain, Mr. Anuj Ghai, Mr. Sunil Saini and Mr. Nipun Mathur

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