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Basics Of Doodling Workshop With Raghav Phophalia

Basics of Doodling Workshop

Basics Of Doodling Workshop: We all love doodling in our leisure time but doodling can be used to create funny and quirky sketches as well. Rooftop organized a quirky Basics Of Doodling Workshop along with Raghav Phophalia who practices traditional as well as digital art. He also promotes doodling as a form of art and also presented a talk about doodling at TEDxJIET 2018.

The Basics Of Doodling Workshop Began

The workshop started on an interactive note where Raghav asked all our participants what doodles meant to them. Some of them replied with “funny characters” and some said “sketching mindlessly”. Then Raghav showed us small doodle sketches which looked very quirky but were very simple to draw. The workshop had participants belonging to different age groups but everyone was equally excited to create funny abstract doodles. Raghav suggested everyone doodle whatever comes to their mind and express themselves freely. He asked for suggestions and our participants suggested different cartoon characters and objects. Raghav took all their suggestions and showed them the trick to draw such funny doodles with any object or character.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

Everyone had created different kinds of doodles. Some of the participants had doodled their names, whereas some had doodled their favourite cartoon characters. The participants poured their minds into the paper while doodling and came up with some creative doodles. Their creative doodles filled our screens and we all appreciated their efforts to create such masterpieces.

We at Rooftop organize such fun activities every day to keep everyone productive and creative. Our motto is to create a platform where artists can learn as well as impart knowledge to other artists.

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