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Basics of Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop With Shriya Basra

Basics of brush pen calligraphy workshop with Shriya Basra

Getting started with brush pen calligraphy is one of the best ways to channel your creativity. And when practiced religiously, it can also lead to becoming a monetary source for an individual. But getting started the right way is a crucial step in reaching perfection and uniqueness. Where and how do you begin? Well, Rooftop is your answer. 

The platform is all open for creative minds to learn and explore their best. The very recent, Basics of Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop with Shriya Basra is a sound productive session that works and trains you towards getting your best heard loud. For more details, keep scrolling!

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About the Artist 

Shriya Basra is a Delhi-based art enthusiast who holds commendable expertise in brush calligraphy. She also experiements with various other art forms and has tremendous knowledge about a variety of them. 

The Brush Pen Workshop Began 

The workshop began with the host introducing the session mentor, Shriya Basra, and her years of experience in the art field. Shriya then took over the session and briefed the participants on how to get started with calligraphy. 

After a brief introduction, she then explained the various essential exercises to practice every day in order to acquire an impressive calligraphy piece. She also practiced them along with the attendees and made sure everyone could follow along. Throughout the session, Shriya remained patient and answered all questions from the attendees. She assisted them with utmost care. Under her guidance, attendees began to feel quite productive and confident in handling the art form. 

Towards the End of the Workshop 

Towards the end of the workshop, the attendees had an impressive evolution. The mentor along with the learners practiced various strokes and alphabets that made them feel confident to try the next step and blend it with their own unique magic. The session strongly influenced the learners to try and put in a lot more effort. 

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