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Basics Of Acrylic Painting Workshop With Purnima Jain

Basics of Acrylic Painting workshop

A sketch or painting comes to life when we fill them with vibrant colours. What better than a medium of colours that are versatile, quick to dry and easy to paint with. Acrylic colours are one of the best mediums to work with. Artists and art lovers prefer acrylic colours as they are now coming with new colour spectrum compared to others. They are a great option for outdoor studies and a go to choice for beginners as well

To make the Circle family aware about the art and its process, Rooftop organized an interesting workshop and invited expert artist Purnima Jain to conduct it.

About The Artist

Purnima Jain is a professional artist and a hardcore admirer of arts. Her love for arts knows no bounds. She’s a highly experienced artist who’s showcased her art in most parts of the world.  She’s a teacher too and educates passionate children about arts. 

Image source : Etsy

And The Workshop Began

The workshop began with a brief introduction of the artist. Purnima greeted and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the attendees. She then went on to describe the art and all the steps involved in it. 

Purnima explained each and every step in a very detailed manner that made the attendees grasp all the information despite time constraints. The session was very energetic and the attendees were engrossed in making their own art pieces. Purnima, along with them, was drawing and guiding everyone whenever needed. She listed out some important tips and tricks for the art.

Towards the End Of the Workshop

As the session progressed towards completion, attendees were very excited and engaged in the process. They were able to create their artworks and later showed them to Purnima for feedback, who found all of them beautiful and full of effort. The session ended on an appreciative note.

The attendees were from different parts of the country and belonged to various age groups, but were united by their passion and love for arts that eventually brought them together on one platform.

Rooftop was once again successful in bringing artists together and celebrating their love for arts. Not to mention, everyone created a bunch of memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

On that note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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