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Landscape Painting: Backyard Sunset Workshop with Ananya T

landscape painting

If you are a beginner looking to learn about landscape painting, a sunset landscape is the easiest place to start. In a sunset landscape painting, the hues of a sunset appear in the background and other natural elements appear closer in perspective. This natural scenery in a sunset landscape painting can be expressed in different styles. The 3 main aspects of landscape painting are abstract, impressionistic, and representational.

To explore this art form in detail, Rooftop conducted a Backyard Sunset Workshop with expert artist Ananya T.

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About The Artist

Ananya T has been fond of colours ever since she was a child. She experiments with various media such as watercolour, acrylic, and gouache. Although hand-lettering is something she has only learnt recently, Ananya is passionate about both hand-lettering and painting.

The Landscape Painting Workshop Began

The session started with Ananya giving a detailed explanation about the materials required for painting a backyard sunset. She exhibited some of her other artworks so that the participants would get a clearer idea through visual representation. She started by pasting masking tape on the edges of the paper as a frame. First, Ananya painted the purple-blue hues covering the upper half of the paper and then moved on to painting the bottom half with yellow and orange hues. The painting looked even more beautiful when details were drawn with a pencil. The detailing involved using black colour to create the silhouette for the detailed work.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The most crucial part of the workshop, as mentioned by Ananya, was to keep a note of the blending technique. After the workshop ended, the participants were eager to share their artwork with Ananya. They grasped the concept of making small objects and painting the background quite easily. The instructor was happy to see the outcome. She also guided them and created a space where the participants were allowed to make mistakes and correct them.

Though the attendees were from different parts of the country and belonged to different age groups, the workshop brought them together and was successful in curating a positive environment together. 

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