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Miniature painting

The origin and evolution of Miniature Paintings in India

Despite being popularised by the Mughal Empire, Miniature paintings have existed in India as far back as the 7th century AD, flourishing under the patronage of the Palas of Bengal. Buddhist scriptures and texts were illustrated on 3-inch wide palm-leaf manuscripts, with depictions of Buddhist deities. The colours used in Pala art were subdued, with

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Colour psychology

Understanding colour psychology and its influence on emotions

Colours are what gives any artwork its vibrancy, but did you know that it can have an immense impact on the emotions and perceptions of the viewer? The human brain recognises colours and generates emotional responses and associations which are deeply rooted in culture and psychology. If you’re ever wondering why certain surroundings irritate you

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Traditional Indian art

The Rise of Traditional Indian Art Globally

Introduction When we talk about famous artworks, our mind immediately goes to the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci or the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough, but the perception and appeal of traditional Indian art have steadily risen over the years and has quickly become one of the most sought after art styles across

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Why preserving Traditional Art is Important?

Traditional Art is the Foundation of Modernity Art has come a long way since its inception, and with the development of science and technology, modern artists have newer tools to express themselves. While it’s easy to overlook traditional art in favour of the more fancy styles prevalent today, it’s important to remember that art at

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The rise of digital art

The rise of digital art in the 21st century

The oldest form of visual art goes as far back as at least 40,000 years with depictions of animals in caves in Indonesia, Spain and France. Since that time, art has constantly evolved, but at its fundamentals, it continues to inspire and resonate with the viewer’s senses, mind and feelings. The digital age began between

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The poster for international museum expo 2023

PM Modi Inaugurates International Museum Expo 2023 at the International Museum Day

Museums serve as custodians of our collective cultural heritage, preserving and showcasing the wonders of the past for future generations. Every year, International Museum Day (IMD) celebrates the significance of museums worldwide. In line with this, the Ministry of Culture has organized a groundbreaking event, the International Museum Expo 2023, taking place from May 18th

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Rooftop Empowers Employees Through PF and ESIC Session with Finance Experts

Rooftop, a company committed to supporting its employees’ financial well-being, recently organized an informative session on PF (Provident Fund) and ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation). The meeting aimed to equip employees with valuable knowledge about these essential finance terms, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their financial planning and security. Through this interactive exercise,

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Mumbai Art Fair x Rooftop

On the morning of 5th May 2023 when half of Mumbai was preparing for a long weekend, Rooftop and many aspiring artists were setting up their stalls at Nehru Centre, Worli, for the Mumbai Art Fair by India Art Festival. Putting up their art and offerings for display, everyone geared for an artistic weekend filled

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National Gallery of Modern Art: Everything You Need to Know

The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) was founded in New Delhi and Mumbai to preserve and promote India’s rich artistic legacy. The NGMA houses a large collection of modern and contemporary Indian art. These collections, which span several centuries, give an insight into the various artistic movements, cultural influences, and historical settings that have

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Preserving Indian Heritage: CCRT’s Efforts in Cultural Conservation

India has an astonishing diversity of cultures, languages, and traditions. From music and dance to handicrafts and art forms, one would need a dozen lifetimes to uncover the rich cultural heritage of the country. However, with modernization and globalization, there is a risk of losing these cultural treasures. To address this concern, the Centre for

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