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Celebrating Seasons Through Indian Art

The different seasons and their beauty are indeed god’s work of art, the almighty’s masterpiece. Each one with a distinct appearance and effect on Mother Nature. As a witness to this dynamic canvas, artists find themselves captivated by the divine artistry and try to capture the seasonal transformation with their artwork. From the vibrant hues

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 Art as a Side Hustle – Monetizing Indian Art

India is one example of versatility when it comes to art and culture. Pick any corner of the country and you shall find one unique style of art representing them and Indians are merely tapping this opportunity. Many individuals with mainstream jobs and responsibilities are taking up art as a side hustle and turning Indian traditional art into a source of modern income.

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The Art Hubs of India: Part V – Delhi

As this series of ‘The Art Hubs of India’ reaches its climax, our fifth and final edition is about the heart of India – Delhi. When one Googles “the art capital of India”, Delhi is the first name that pops up. While this could be debatable, with other cultural hubs like Kolkata being strong contenders

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Japanese woodblock printing

Exploring the timeless art of Japanese woodblock printing

Known as mokuhanga (木版画), Japanese woodblock printing is a traditional art form from Japan that is known for its expert craftsmanship and incredible beauty for centuries. This printing technique has not just made its mark in Japan but has influenced artists worldwide. In this blog, we will explore the fascinating world of Japanese woodblock printing!

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Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

From Studio to Skyline: The Exciting Journey of Rajasthan Studio to Rooftop

Background of Rajasthan Studio What began as a humble initiative in the heart of Jaipur has now transformed into a bustling global community, reaching heights that were previously unimaginable. This is the incredible journey of Rajasthan Studio and its evolution into Rooftop, a platform for art lovers from all over the world. Born out of

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Rooftop app

Top 10 Art-tastic ways to use the Rooftop app!

Welcome art lovers! Get ready to turbo-charge your creativity with a tool that’s revolutionising the world of traditional Indian art – the Rooftop app! This sizzling-hot art tech platform is not just an app, it’s an art carnival that celebrates the heritage, culture and history of the diverse forms of folk and tribal art. On

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