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Authentic Warli Mandala Workshop with Shweta Jain

Warli mandala

Warli paintings get their name from the tribal community which resides in the northern part of the Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra, mainly in the Thane and Palghar districts with Dahanu and Jawhar at the front. Warli dates back to the 10th Century AD. Rooftop conducted an Authentic Warli Mandala Workshop with Shweta Jain to shine light on this uniwue artform.

Traditionally, these paintings are used by the tribes to decorate the walls of their mud houses on ocassions like weddings and the harvest season. The feature that makes these paintings stand out is that they don’t depict any mythological deities but represent the circle of life and respect for nature, agriculture, and wildlife.

About The Artist

Shweta is a mandala artist who realized her passion for art during the lockdown. She has always loved art as a hobby and mandala art has helped her become more calm, which is why she finds this art very therapeutic.

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The Warli Mandala Workshop Began

The workshop started off with the host introducing Shweta and her journey. Following her introduction, she drew four lines on a sheet. She then went on to make Warli figures out of them using a distinct technique. She continued sketching various figures. These included birds, monkeys, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Brahma. She continued creating circles and sketching the Warli designs with a black outliner. She then burned the edges of the paper and showed the final design to the participants.

Towards The End of The Warli Workshop

Shweta and all the attendees shared their Warli artwork with each other. She took the time to appreciate each of their co-created Warli art sketches. Even though the attendees at the Warli Mandala workshop were from different parts of the country and belonged to different age groups, their love for art brought them together on a single platform. The workshop ended with the host graciously thanking Shweta for sharing her experience about Warli Mandala painting

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