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ArtSay: Stories Art से


ArtSay: Stories Art से: Rediscovering Stories of Art

To some it means poetry, to some it is a banana stuck on a pale wall with a glossy metallic tape, while to some it simply means the entire length of a Vishal Bhardwaj film. Not everyone understands it but everyone has something to say about it – ‘Art’ is a term so colourful, so subjective, when one starts defining it, one can’t help but bring in the nuances of their personality into its definition. But whatever one’s definition of Art, there is always a personal story attached to it. 

So, Rooftop brings to you radiant, real and raw stories of Art with “ArtSay – Stories Art से”, Rooftop’s newest social media campaign! 

Stories of Art

What is ArtSay? 

It’s more than just a clever play on words; ArtSay is a testament to the power of expression that seeps into mundane lives through the means of art. 

We asked housewives, teachers, and artists what Art has meant to them over the years and how it has helped them cope with the rollercoaster that life is. What we got, in the form of anecdotal answers, were mesmerising tales of the mundane, some tear jerkers and a whole lot of laughs.

While at the heart of ArtSay lie real-life customers and subscribers of Rooftop, the campaign aims at engaging the masses – anyone with a story about Art waiting to be told. We aim to amplify narratives rooted in Art and reach a broader audience, sparking conversations and igniting inspiration amongst all.

Stories of Art

Art Imitates Life

“When I am angry, you can see the anger in my painting!”, said one of Rooftop’s subscribers when asked to describe the effect engaging in art has on her. 

Over the past month, we’ve had the privilege of sitting down with individuals who have dabbled into at least one form of art at multiple points in their life. Some started as artists, lost touch with art because of their career and family, and finally found their way back to it through Rooftop’s workshops and courses. Some found a creative community to connect with. But everyone described the act of making art as a “meditative trance”, with an emphasis on feeling calmer post engaging in it. It was also interesting to note that most of the interviewees claimed to have found themselves turning to art in times of hardship. 

It is no news that there exists a direct relationship between artistic expression and reality. Art reflects the experiences, emotions, and observations of individuals within their immediate surroundings. Whether it be personal experiences, societal issues, historical events, or cultural norms – these internal worlds find translations into artworks when passed through the strokes of a brush or a pen.

Colour Psychology. Source:

Life Imitates Art

With a substantial amount of people telling us that art has had a therapeutic effect on them, without even knowing about Art Therapy, we think it is crucial to understand how art can have short-term and long-term benefits for one’s psyche. Throughout history, people have turned to the arts for communication, self-expression, and emotional healing with the best example being the Dutch painter – Vincent Van Gogh – who, heavily depressed, found a confidant in his art. 

Art Therapy is grounded in the belief that engaging in creative expression promotes healing and psychological wellness. Medical professionals have observed that individuals with mental health challenges frequently convey their emotions and experiences through drawings and other forms of art. Art does not need to follow a rulebook, it simply requires an emotion guiding it. And these emotions are what we want to hear more about.

Stories of Art
Colours & Emotions. Source:

What’s next?

As the reach of the campaign grows, we’re excited to expand our horizons and involve artists and art enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. If that’s you – if you have a story about your art or your encounter with art – reach out to us at! We are all ears for your ArtSay. 

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