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From Boredom to Brilliance: How These Hobby Artists Thrived in Lockdown

Introduction: Seeking Meaningful Ways to Spend Time at Home

artist during lockdown and how rooftop helped them

During the lockdown, individuals across the world found themselves faced with an abundance of free time. With limited options for entertainment and leisure, people began exploring creative pursuits to bring meaning and fulfillment to their lives. One such pursuit that witnessed a significant surge in interest was art and painting. Today, we will explore how the Rooftop App empowered hobby artists, who made their most during the lockdown, providing them with a platform to learn, grow, and improve as an Artist.

Discovering a Passion for Art During Challenging Times with Rooftop

As the lockdown confined individuals to their homes, many turned to activities like continuous-watching Netflix to pass the time. However, this constant screen time often led to increased anxiety and restlessness. Amidst this struggle, a remarkable number of people discovered the therapeutic benefits of art. Engaging in painting and other art forms helped them cope with their anxieties, find solace, and maintain a sense of calm during those difficult times.

The Convenience and Accessibility of Online Learning

The Rooftop App played a pivotal role in enabling aspiring artists to embrace their creativity and learn the art from the comfort of their homes. With its user-friendly interface and extensive course offerings, Rooftop made art education easily accessible to individuals with diverse skill levels and interests. Through the app, even those who had no prior experience in art could embark on a journey of self-expression and discovery.

Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Resilience

The lockdown posed unique challenges for hobby artists, such as the absence of interaction with master artists. However, the Rooftop App proved to be a resilient solution, connecting individuals with master artists across different parts of India through online workshops and personalized courses. Rooftop’s resourcefulness and adaptability ensured that artists could continue their artistic journey and receive guidance from experienced mentors, despite the limitationsa imposed by the pandemic.

The Role of Expert Artists at Rooftop App

The Rooftop App boasts a lineup of experienced master artists who serve as expert instructors and mentors to hobby artists.  Artists such as Venkat Singh Shyam, Raja Ram Sharma, Kalyan Joshi, Chitara Brothers, Bhuri Bai, Bhawani Shankar Sharma, Mhase Family, Dhanalakota Family, Dulari Devi, and many more lend their expertise to guide and inspire learners. Their association with Rooftop gives learners access to the knowledge and techniques employed by acclaimed artists whose work is showcased in elite museums and recognized with prestigious awards.

Personal Stories: Inspiring Transformation

The true measure of Rooftop’s impact lies in the personal stories of hobby artists who experienced remarkable growth and transformation through the app. Let us share three inspiring journeys of individuals who started as beginners and achieved significant milestones with Rooftop’s guidance:

  1. Priya: The Master of Watercolors Priya, an aspiring artist, found solace in painting during the lockdown. She joined Rooftop’s watercolor course and honed her skills under the guidance of renowned artists. Through virtual workshops and personalized feedback, she was able to improve her techniques and express herself more effectively on Canvas. Priya’s dedication and the supportive community on Rooftop helped her gain recognition for her vibrant watercolor paintings, leading to several exhibition opportunities.
  1. Sara: A ex-software engineer who discovered her passion for painting during the lockdown. With the lockdown restricting her daily commute, she decided to pursue her hobby seriously. Rooftop’s comprehensive Pichwai art course became Sara’s gateway to learning various traditional art techniques and styles. From creating stunning borders to designing captivating landscapes, Sara’s artwork gained attention on social media platforms. Today, she collaborates with local businesses, providing them with unique artwork for their marketing campaigns.
  1. Aarti: Hailing from Bihar, India, was always captivated by the intricate details and vibrant colors of Madhubani paintings. With Rooftop’s dedicated course on Madhubani art, Aarti took a deep dive into this ancient art form. Learning from experienced Madhubani artists, she mastered the techniques of creating mesmerizing folk art, which tells stories of mythology and rural life. Aarti’s dedication to preserving and promoting Madhubani art earned her recognition in national exhibitions and the chance to collaborate with local artisans.

Rooftop Empowering Hobby Artists in Unprecedented Times

The Rooftop App has played a vital role in empowering hobby artists during the lockdown, providing them with a platform to explore their creativity, learn from expert instructors, and connect with a supportive community. 

Through its accessible online courses and workshops, Rooftop has transformed the lives of countless individuals, helping them find solace, discover their talent, and achieve personal and artistic growth. 

As we emerge from the challenges of the pandemic, Rooftop App continues to inspire and nurture the artistic spirit in all of us.

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