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Art of Capturing Imaginations With Marissa D’Raunjo

Art of capturing imaginations with Marissa D'Raunjo

Learn how to understand and visualise your thoughts and put them on paper! Painting your imagination is one of the finest art skills you can have. This workshop with Marissa D’Raunjo helps you do just that. Art of Capturing Imaginations is a workshop that teaches you to use colours to reflect your thoughts and imagination on paper. It develops your creativity and allows you to curate a unique piece to the best of your abilities. 

About the Artist

Marissa D’Raunjo is a travel enthusiast from Nepal who holds a keen interest in various art forms. Her travelling experiences over the years compelled her to initiate something new. Marissa’s urge to experiment led her to recreate vision-based art pieces of the places she has travelled to in her life. 

Imagination and Conceptualization: The Workshop Begins

The workshop began with a brief introduction of the mentor, Marissa D’Raunjo and her expertise over the years. Marissa started the session with a briefing on how to conceptualize the scenes and bring them to life. She explained the process of using colours that complement and enhance a concept’s overall being. 

Marissa then conceptualized a scene and briefed the attendees in order to curate the desired outcomes. She began with practising outlines and then moved on to using watercolours. The use of watercolours made the piece look even more compelling and exquisite. 

She remained open to questions and queries coming from the participants throughout the session. Her replies were rich with knowledge and guidance. 

End of the Capturing Imaginations Workshop

Marissa’s constructive guidance and supervision resulted in an appealing piece of the envisioned scene. The artwork truly seemed realistic and had an impressive arena. The participants co-created the art piece too. Towards the end of the workshop, Marissa gave her feedback and constructive criticisms to the participants with regard to their final art piece.

The workshop had great energy throughout as all the attendees were passionately rooted in exploring different artists and art forms. This session was Rooftop’s yet another successful attempt at connecting artists and curating a magical and positive learning environment. 

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