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Art Journaling Workshop with Sandhya Ahuja 

art jounaling with sandya ahuja

Journaling in general is a fine phenomenon of accumulating your thoughts and creativity in order to create a carefree and safe space for your emotions to flow without any filters. Art journaling is a type of visual journaling that incorporates images, freehand drawings, creative affirmations, and more. It allows individuals to connect with their own selves and discover aspects that remain untalked. The best part about art journaling is you do not need to follow any fixed patterns or rules. It is just a matter of letting your emotions flow and allowing them to take a lead!

But where do you even begin? Rooftop helps you answer this question by introducing you to the world of art journaling with the Art Journaling Workshop by Sandhya Ahuja. 

About the Artist

Sandhya Ahuja is a creative individual with a mind that blends her emotions into extraordinary visual pieces. She has been curating visually percept designs that complement journals for a long time now and therefore holds a strong understanding of the same. 

The Art Journaling Began

The Art Journaling Workshop by Sandhya Ahuja began with a brief introduction of the prolific personality she carries. Upon successful introduction, the workshop moved forward to unveil unknown aspects of art journaling. 

For the first activity, Sandhya Ahuja asked participants to simply scribble their thoughts away. This encouraged the attendees to allow their emotions to flow in an unrestricted manner. The scribbling turned into artistic strokes and then complete doodles.

During the entire process of scribbling and doodling, Sandhya Ahuja shared her words of wisdom associated with art journaling. Her words inspired the participants to unleash their inner artists and create beautiful work. People successfully created various designs and artistically wrote down their affirmations. These pieces of art were then pasted into the journal to create the ultimate masterpiece. 

The Workshop Came to an End

Sandhya Ahuja’s tips and words were successful in creating and guiding the attendees to journal to their best possible abilities. Attendees from all different age groups kept their spirits and curiosity high which resulted in a fruitful art journaling workshop.

At the end of the session, the participants got the opportunity to share their art journals with each other and the instructor. Sandhya Ahuja took her time to look at each and every piece of artwork with utmost detail and give constructive feedback to each participant. And with that Rooftop concluded yet another inspiring art workshop!

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