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Art Journaling Workshop With Sakshi Jain

Art Journaling Workshop

We all have at some point maintained a secret diary. An Art Journal is just that but in visuals. It incorporates colours, images, patterns, and whatever you wish to create. Some art journals have a lot of writing, while others are purely filled with images. It’s a form of creative self-care. Rooftop organized a fun Art Journaling Workshop and let the creativity flow without any restrictions. We had Sakshi Jain, an engineer turned artist execute this fun activity. She makes eye-catching spreads in journals that describe her feelings and thoughts. 

The Art Journaling Workshop Began

Over fifty participants joined this innovative and fun workshop. Sakshi Jain was overwhelmed by the way everyone was so enthusiastic to learn something new. We had a mixed crowd of all age groups and everyone was equally enthusiastic to learn about art journaling. Sakshi began the workshop by giving a brief of what art journaling is all about. She also narrated her story of how she started art journaling. The theme for the art journal was ‘reminiscing a memory’. She asked everyone to collect a photograph of any memory that was close to their heart so that they could reminisce about it while making the art journal. She said,   “Art Journaling is all about pouring your thoughts and emotions and creating a visual piece of work which one can reminiscence later on as memories.” 

All the participants collected their favourite photographs and were all set to make an art journal out of it. To make an art journal one can use whatever materials are available at home, like bits of paper, newspaper, sketch pens, craft paper, colourful papers, cello tapes, leaves or any random thing they want to add to the journal to make it more interesting. Sakshi kept interacting with every participant during the workshop and asked about their favourite memory.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

At the end of the workshop, every participant was happy to show the art journals they had created. The most interesting thing about this particular workshop was that everyone’s work was unique and different from one another. Sakshi was delighted to see everyone’s creativity. Later she showed some of her art journals and the participants appreciated all her work. The workshop was a productive and creative session for everyone!

Rooftop keeps conducting such fun and creative workshops on a regular basis to keep everyone productive and creative. 

Stay safe, and creative and keep learning new art forms with us every day. Here’s us signing off, until we see you again!

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