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Side hustle – is an additional job that supplements one’s primary income. Gone are the days, when a person had to be restricted to a mould of one profession or passion. Adding different and numerous “feathers” to the cap is becoming a trend. Very seldom do people know the entire quote, “A jack of all trades is a master of none but often better than master one”. The idiom was meant to applaud versatility and adaptability but was shortened to suit a stereotypical society. India is one example of versatility when it comes to art and culture. Pick any corner of the country and you shall find one unique style of art representing them and Indians are merely tapping this opportunity. Many individuals with mainstream jobs and responsibilities are taking up art as a side hustle and turning Indian traditional art into a source of modern income.

In today’s time, Indian traditional art is significantly contributing towards economic growth. After decades of anonymity, traditional art and Indian artists are getting their due recognition. The tables turned when Indian artists were willing to experiment and innovate. Nationally and internationally the art sector welcomed Indian traditional art with a hint of contemporary perspective. As a trait of any sector willing to make its mark, Indian traditional art also integrated age-old skills with modernity and newer techniques. The increased visibility and recognition of Indian art is the result of a multifaceted approach involving digitization, technology, modern adaptation and globalisation.

Reasons Why People Are Particularly Choosing Indian Art as a Side Hustle  

Creative Options and Cultural Significance

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India is a treasure trove of various art forms originating from several small communities. Therefore, it provides an artist with a plethora of options to choose from. In addition, an artist is not only drawn towards the visuals of an art form but also to the emotion and cultural significance that it embodies.

For example, consider a traditional art form like Mata Ni Pachedi. At a glance, as a viewer, you may notice the earthy tones and religious motifs on it. But it’s more than that for an artist practising the art form. This hand-painted textile served the purpose of a mobile shrine for the excluded and marginalised community.  It was a means to fight the social stigma and help fulfil the spiritual needs of devotees. Such significant factors fuel the artist’s passion and widen the perspective to use art for various purposes.

Indian traditional art draws global attention due to its excellent intricate work, vibrant colours and the significance behind it. Therefore it becomes more of a viable option to market overseas which, in turn, aids exposure for an artist.

The Versatility of Indian Traditional Art

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Indian art is versatile and can be adapted to meet modern needs. Digitization, new tools and mediums help bridge the gap between traditional art and contemporary approach. Artists can keep the essence of Indian art and craft intact while they create products that resonate with the audience.

Appreciation for Indian Culture

Indian art is symbolic of Indian culture and traditions. It strikes a chord with the Indian audience and attracts the interest of International consumers as well. Moreover, each distinct Indian art form is rich in uniqueness. This enhances the marketability even further.

Art as a Side Hustle – Role of Social Media and Digital Platforms 

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“We chose to go online because it has a global reach and is not restricted to geographical boundaries,” says Durva Gandhi, founder and director of Breathe Arts, an online portal that showcases Indian art. This pretty much sums up how social media and digital platforms help the artist to showcase, reach out and market their art globally. 

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest act as open forums for artists to put out their content and, at the same time, experiment with trends. Social media being an effective and rapid medium it is easier to collaborate and connect with the larger community. Hashtags, social media groups and other collaborations are another way to connect with art enthusiasts, collectors and fellow artists. For artists who pursue art as a side hustle, the versatility of social media serves as a great marketing tool without much heavy investment.

Social media and digitization have helped curb boundaries and have brought folk art, and tribal communities to the global forefront. No doubt Indian folk art had a place in the market before social media but the World Wide Web has helped in bringing the artists, their traditions and generational skills in the spotlight. 

Furthermore, E-commerce platforms have also changed the dynamics of the Indian art market. Several artists as a part of their side hustle opt for e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Amazon to sell their art. These platforms eliminate the need for physical storefronts and galleries. Instead, it connects the artist directly with buyers worldwide. This ensures direct engagement with the artist’s audience which helps in building a loyal customer base.

Apart from getting access to such platforms, digitization has come as a boon for artists who wish to conduct online workshops. Artists can leverage social media, websites and other mediums to promote their workshops, updates and events and attract broader audiences.

How Rooftop Aids Art as a Side Hustle 

Rooftop is one of the leading platforms providing online and offline workshops of Indian traditional art. Digitization and social media have bolstered our efforts to revitalise Indian traditional art forms.

Rooftop collaborates with expert artists who have in-depth knowledge about their art and have the zeal to share and teach others. We act as a bridge to connect artists and art lovers who want to learn more about the art form or hone a skill. Artists looking to monetize their talent use our online platform and convert art into a side hustle. The app and website provide several options for Indian traditional art ranging from Phad to Pattachitra, Gond to Warli and many more.  

The WhatsApp groups help artists and art lovers to connect with like-minded people, share their art journey and explore different possible ventures.

Rooftop’s official Instagram account actively promotes budding artists and offers paid collaborations to monetize their artistic talent.

Success Story

Dipanwita Mukherjee

Self-Taught Artist

(Specializing in Indian traditional art)

“I had an interest in Indian traditional art but could not indulge in it due to lack of time” said the self-taught artist, Dipanwita Mukherjee as she candidly speaks about her artistic journey and thoughts on art as a side hustle. 

Her story would relate to and inspire many women who wish to pursue their dreams. Multitasking her household and career duties, with persistence and patience she managed to crunch in time and take her art to the next level. With 4 years of experience, artist Dipanwita Mukherjee has expertise in several Indian art forms like Madhubani, Pichwai, Warli, Kalamkari, Bhil, Gond, and Saura to name a few. 

Source – rooftop

Rooftop was a lucky break” shared Dipanwita, when asked about the role of digital platforms in monetizing artistic skills. The talented artist has had a wonderful collaboration with Rooftop and conducted several online workshops. She strongly advocates that platform like Rooftop helps provide visibility to the artists and also leverage it to monetize their side hustle. 

“I am doing it, so can you” are here inspiring words when asked if art as a side hustle would sustain in the long run. While loves to teach through online workshops, she successfully runs her own business under the name – Brush Banter and markets it through her Instagram handle.

So, if you wish to join Rooftop as an artist, please email us at

Word From Our Team

Geetika Gunjan 

Art Research 

Indian traditional art does not limit itself to sketching and painting. Understanding the history, and researching for facts is as important as the masterpiece created on a canvas. 

Geetika Gunjan, a talented team member at Rooftop has been working in the fields of arts and cultural heritage. Her expertise lies in Cultural heritage and Indian art forms. With a belief that art forms are beyond visual representation, she resonates her passion with Rooftop. Moreover, she believes the digital platform plays an important role in preserving and representing artists who wish to pursue art as a side hustle. 

“Working at Rooftop has given me a deeper appreciation for the cultural insights and intricacies of these art forms” shared Geetika, as she spoke about her journey with Rooftop and its authenticity. “The team’s thorough approach is a significant step toward preserving and promoting traditional arts, ensuring they remain a vibrant part of our cultural heritage” she further added expressing about Rooftop.

In Conclusion

Rooftop has successfully revolutionised the way artists approach art as a side hustle. It offers visibility, engagement, and ample opportunities to market and collaborate with the artist community. By harnessing the power of social media and digitization and collaborating with Rooftop, artists can expand their horizons, sharpen their skills and build a thriving business. Rooftop believes in converting art as a side hustle for all the artists and helps monetize Indian art.

To learn more about us download the Rooftop app from Google Play or App Store. Follow us on @rooftop_app for our upcoming art events, corporate events, workshops, blogs and much more.

By Sayali Parkar

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