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Art And Its Importance At Every Stage Of Life

art for every age

Are you looking for an escape? A way out from your puzzled life? You are not doing anything wrong by asking from a timeout of the tangled life. Asking for escape when you are in your teens or in your thirties or fifties or any ‘ties’ is expected. With everything that is going on in the world, it is quite natural to need time to process it. To answer your question, Art is the way out, an escape to a new reality. 

Art and Kids

If you notice children eagerly wait for drawing lectures. Why is that?  The answer is quite simple, firstly, for every other thing they do, they are told how it should be done, and parents always try to teach them the right way of doing stuff but colouring does not require many instructions. Secondly, they are set free to choose the colour, the shape, and the pattern. No one to bother which gives them the sense of creating something independently. 

Image credits: Connecticut College

Art and Teens

Childhood is over in the blink of an eye and one tends to forget what it was like to be free-spirited. High schools, exams, submission, marks, teachers and parents take most of the youngsters’ time.  Even when you are so taken up by everything whenever you draw you find yourself in a cosy home. And why is that? It is because some of you stayed in those boxes of colours covered in dust. Getting in touch with art transports you into the environment of memories. It reminds you of freedom and happiness and accomplishment. 
If you find it hard to take time out from this maze, worry not because we can do that for you. Rooftop is the world’s leading online learning platform transforming how the world sees and consumes Indian art through art experiences! With Rooftop art is just one tap away!

Art and Adults

The time runs by and, you find yourself competing with the world. Living up to the deadlines and emails. All the responsibilities fall on your shoulders whether it is building a career, finding the right partner or right home, or bringing up children and the only touch to art that is left is filling colours in Doremon. The point is even at this age you love filling colour in Doremon. And what is that? Colouring for moments calms our brain. You don’t think of replying to emails or dropping kids off at school. You are subdued to a feeling that is rather old but still anew. Even if one tried to paint on weekends for just 30 mins you could see the shift in your perspective. Your approach to issues will be much calmer than it used to be.

Be it art therapies, virtual art sessions, corporate wellness programs, on-demand live sessions or maestro courses, we’ve got it all. Rooftop is the one-stop destination for all your art needs.

Second Childhood

Receding years of your life can be the toughest. You have earned well, provided a great livelihood, lived a thriving life and here you are in the autumn of your life. In this chapter of your life, art can be the most excellent companion. Furthermore, people you once laughed with have a set on a different journey and you can find one too. Among all the rewarding moments of life add art as well. The joy of creating a classic artwork will be wholesome. You can even gift it to your kids, grandkids or friends as a lifelong memory. Your loved ones will cherish your presence reminiscing your artwork. 

You may find it hard to where to begin. Here is what we will lead you through. The expert artist will guide you to curate mesmerising art pieces. There are workshops that will lead you through the process of creation.

Art is waiting by the corner for you, waiting for you to access it. Kids, teens, adults or the elderly, people at every stage of life can be a part of this escape and we are here to make your journey smooth. Don’t shy away because art is for all.

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