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An Instagram Filter to Celebrate 75 Years of Indian Independence

75 years of India Independence

Rooftop App says – “When India’s got it, Let’s Flaunt It.”- With an Instagram Filter!

Rooftop is a one-stop destination for artists and art admirers to experience the solace of co-creating an art piece. Live your artistic dream, promote your talent and let the little child within thrive with art, through live art workshops, art expert videos and much more on the Rooftop app. 

Rooftop is carving a niche for itself and this only gets better! And we have found a trendy way to engage the audience in the vibe of independence. How? Read on…

What is the new Rooftop India@75 Instagram Filter?

Instagram lovers are in for a creative treat as Rooftop launches its most viral AR Instagram filter. to promote the motifs of Indian art forms and motivates them to flaunt them on this proud occasion. This filter marks 75 glorious years of independence with 75 motifs. It flashes 75 vibrant designs from Indian art forms like Madhubani, Warli, Gond, Pichwai and many more, leaving your face with a vivid tricolour image on one side and a beautiful, dazzling pattern on the other.

Try the latest Instagram Filter now!

The India@75 With Art Filter

Let’s celebrate the 75 years of India’s Independence by promoting the Indian art forms in a trendy way. India@75 With Art is an initiative to connect the younger generation with the roots of our art heritage.  

This creative AR filter is a complete ‘mic drop’ by Rooftop to celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav. Rooftop aims to encourage Genz and Millennials to express their love for the country.

Wear the rich Indian art form. There is going to be a great hullabaloo on the streets or other sectors to celebrate the 75 years of Independence and why not? But the hotspot of today’s world – the digital space remains bound to the same old features and trends for this day. So why not tap the most unique and rich culture of Indian art and create a rage with this tool on Instagram, as it is the hub of creation and expression for GenZ?
– Kartik Gaggar, Founder & CEO of Rooftop App

Blow the “likes” off the roof, ditch the old ways and try an urban cool, creative filter by Rooftop. Simply long press the filter and let the AR tool create its magic. Let the happy faces trend on social media with aesthetically attractive art motifs and a pop of colour. 

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