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‘Padharo Mahare Desh!’ How Artists from Rajasthan Welcomed Gujarat To Its Virtual ‘Circle Experiences’

COVID 19-led nationwide lockdown has limited the mobility of people and has disrupted their entire routine. Amidst these difficult times, the power of smartphones and the Internet to connect the entire world has served as a blessing in disguise.

 The non-profit initiative, ‘The Circle,’ powered by Rajasthan Studio has been launching its experiences in many cities of Rajasthan with the aim to connect the artists for holistic art experiences. However, This time, the artists-led community took the lockdown time in their stride to virtually bring together talented artists from the nooks and corners of Rajasthan and Gujarat for an unforgettable virtual circle experience launch. 

Explaining the three fundamentals of organising an art experience, the founder Kartik Gaggar said, “Learning, networking, and leisure, is what we offer to the artists through our circle experiences. When we started The Circle, we launched it in only two cities. Now we have expanded our circle of artists to many cities, and Ahmedabad is the first one outside Rajasthan.”

“Garnering such huge attention from artists and audiences from all around the world, we expect to widen our artists circle nationwide in the coming months,” he added.

The Ahmedabad launch experience was attended by artists not only from Gujarat but from Rajasthan as well.

A mosaic artist, Hansel Mehta, and a custom accessories designer, Saloni Shah from Ahemadabad were the guests of honour for the online circle experience. Apart from that, the launch was graced by artists from many other genres like writing, sculpting, music, and mental well-being.

From Jaipur, the famous percussionist, Varenya Joshi aka Beat Baba initiated a quick jam with the audience while Rupali Banait, a reputed Yoga Practitioner in the city ensured that the participants had a tranquil experience with Yoga warm-up and pranayama.

The Ahmedabad Circle launch also featured a distinctive artist-duo, Raunak and Vishwi, who have taken up vertical farming to inspire sustainable agricultural practices amongst the urban youth.

The artists in India are unfortunately not given their due credit and recognition for their work and Rajasthan Studio is undoubtedly serving as the torch-bearer of Indian art forms to reflect through the lives of artists around the country by giving them a free platform of ‘Rooftop’ to learn, nurture, and grow!

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