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Aesthetics Connotation With Amit Kalla

Aesthetics Connotation Rajasthan Studio

Aesthetics connotes different things to different people. During his by-invitation, specially-curated Rooftop session, Amit Kalla, an artist of repute spoke about his journey as a trainee that started from his days as a student at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University. He was a Left-dominated socio-political hub that was also very culturally alive and still is.

At JNU, Kalla had the opportunity to dabble in all sorts of abstract art forms, and he fell in love with the easy-going, free-flowing expression that follows no rules; and where you are free to ascribe any meaning to a particular genre of art —literally, art for art sake! Guests from different walks of life; from theatre to sculpting; to astrophotography presented their critique on abstract art during a very animated discussion on what constitutes ‘art’ that took place between artists, owing to their allegiance to various schools of thought related to aesthetics.

Attendees Present at the Session

(Standing Left to Right) Mr Sandeep Meel, Mr Hansraj Kumawat, Mr Ashok Aatreya, Mr Hemant Shesh, Mr Amit Kalla, Prof. Bhawani Shanker Sharma, Mr Sohan Jakhar, Mr Anchit Natha

(Sitting Left to Right) Prof Shabbir Hasan Quazi, Mr Haji Badshah Miyan, Mr Ramesh Thanvi, Ms Ruchi Bhargava, Ms Anshu Harsh, Ms Aparna Makkar

Aesthetics Connotation Rajasthan Studio

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