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Acrylic String Pull Art With Divdrisht Kaur Suri

Acrylic String Pull Art With Divdrisht Kaur Suri

Acrylic String Pull Art or Pulled String Art is a form of fluid art. In this form, Acrylic paint is poured, swiped, and dragged onto the sheet to form an art piece. Mostly, florals are a favourite of String Pull Art. Divdrisht Kaur Suri is a Mandala and abstract artist and an art educator from Calcutta. Divdrisht regularly reiterated that this art form is relaxing and very therapeutic.

In simple words, this Art is about pouring paints on the canvas and having fun with it.

The Acrylic String Pull Art Workshop Began

As a suggestion, Divdrisht warned her audience that Acrylic String Pull Art may get messy. So to keep oneself clean, they can wear aprons or old, rugged clothes. As for her ingredients, she kept a string/thread, acrylic paints, ice cream spoons and a sheet of paper.

With a peach acrylic background, she made flowers of golden colour. She made an ‘S’ with the strings and began pulling them one by one. This took shape of very beautiful flowers.

Towards the end of the workshop

Towards the end of the workshop, Divdrisht did some more modifications to her art piece. Everyone then flooded the screen with their artwork only to win appreciation.

Rooftop as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a colourful and positive vibe together.

Here’s us signing off, until next time.

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