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Acrylic Painting Workshop with Rittika Samanta

Acrylic Painting Workshop with Rittika Samanta

What do you do when you have acrylic colours around you? Create something breathtaking and brilliant? Well, that’s how it should be. Acrylic colours allow you to paint and create exceptional pieces that tell a story to the audience viewing it. And Acrylic painting at Rooftop will help you awaken the artist within you.  

And to let the pieces be in a state to radiate a story, you will need to hold unmatchable expertise in it. To let you do so, the Rooftop is here with its latest Acrylic Painting Workshop with Rittika Samanta. She’s a master that every beginner desires. So let’s keep scrolling to unveil what unique offerings it has to make to the creative minds of the generation. 

About the Artist:- 

Rittika Samanta is an amaeture artist well versed in creating acrylic paintings. She holds an impressive understanding of colours, blending, texture and more. Her love for art and art forms is what keeps her expertise level at par with excellence. 

The workshop began:- 

The workshop began with the host making a special introduction about Rittika Samanta and her expertise in acrylic painting over the years. She later took over the session and began to brief attendees with the art piece that was to be created. 

She swiftly began with the process ensuring that each attendee of the session remains in the loop with the steps, tips & tricks discussed to acquire the final image. The art piece to be created was a blend of pencil and acrylic colours. The use of these mediums made the art piece look even more compelling and attractive.

The workshop progressed with a decent pace tailored with numerous learning activities that in every sense worked in the favour of the attendees. 

Towards the end of the workshop:- 

The workshop under the guidance of Rittika Samanta concluded on a very fruitful note. Towards the end of the workshop, a beautiful art piece by Rabindranath Tagore was created. The same was co-created by the attendees too. On successful completion, they also received constructive feedback on ways to curate even effective pieces. 

These attendees were of different ages passionately connected and dedicated to exploring new art forms. 

The Rooftop, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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