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Acrylic Mandala Workshop With Shreya Gupta

Acrylic Mandala Workshop

Acrylic Mandala Workshop: Mandala in Sanskrit means a circle representing the universe and dot painting originated from aboriginal Australia. Rooftop organized a therapeutic Acrylic Mandala Workshop with Shreya Gupta to bring together a blend of both these artforms. A self taught professional  artist from Bangalore, she has a great passion for art. She practices different forms of art like – mandala, sketching, painting, resin art, zentangle, clay art, etc.

The Acrylic Mandala Workshop Began

Shreya Gupta taught the beautiful art of drawing a mandala with acrylic colors using dot painting technique. She explained how a mandala can be painted just by drawing colorful dots on the canvas using a dotting tool or any other round object like a toothpick or the back of a brush/pencil. All our eighty attendees were enthusiastic about learning this technique. At the start of the workshop, we with created a base for the mandala. Gradually Shreya created mandala patterns with dots. Our attendees had various queries about the kind of dotting tools which can be used. Shreya answered all their queries spontaneously. One of the many suggestions that she gave our participants was:

The dots should be drawn equally distant from each other so that they do not overlap or get smudged.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

All the attendees were fast learners and came up with wonderful creations of their own within very less time. Some of them even improvised and added their own creativity in the mandala. This workshop was a therapeutic and relaxing experience for all the attendees.

Learning, imparting, connecting and staying creative is our moto at Rooftop and that’s the reason why we keep organizing various art workshops everyday.

With this, we sign off!

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