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A Phad and a Ballad on Tansen, One of India’s Greatest

Presented by Subodh Public School, Jaipur as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Teacher’s Experience

It is a matter of great pleasure that we participated in ‘Phad se Padh’, an art-integrated innovative project. We prepared a Phad on the story of Tansen – the great Indian musician. This project focused on developing 21st century skills among the students, and also inspiring respect for Indian Art and Culture among them.

Our team of talented students enthusiastically participated in this project from story selection to the final presentation of Phad with a ballad at the City Palace for the Jaipur History Fest on December 15, 2022. It provided a unique platform for the students to explore their creativity and an unconventional learning mode by blending visual and performing art into academics; eliminating learning gaps and promoting experiential learning.

Teacher Name: Prachi Yadav

Student’s Experience

We were delighted to get the opportunity of developing an Art Integrated Learning tool through this wonderful project. It was beyond our imagination that art can be integrated into academics in such a beautiful manner. To depict the life history of Tansen with the help of this traditional folk art of the country was a perfect idea. The support and guidance of our teachers, and the collaborative and unceasing efforts of all students made this a reality with colours, music and dance!

‘Phad se Phad’ project not only developed skills like team spirit, creativity and problem-solving in us but also made us realise that it is our responsibility to preserve and promote the rich and diverse culture of our nation. We are thankful to Rooftop, M.S.M.S-II Museum Trust, our school principal and the teachers who involved us in this amazing project.

Student Name: Titiksha Sharma, XI

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