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Impasto Painting Workshop with Chatrya

Impasto Painting Workshop with Chatrya

There are tons of art and art forms for creative minds to explore. All they miss is quality exposure. One such art form that is truly going to win your list of favourites is Impasto Painting. The sparkling spread of rich and vibrant colours used in the art form is truly compelling by all means. Rooftop through Impasto Painting Workshop with Chatrya has now enabled keen learners to get one-to-one with the details of it.

Impasto Painting is a type of artform wherein the practitioner uses a brush or a painting knife to pick colours and place them directly on the surface of the paper or canvas shaping it as per the need and choice. These placements of colours strike a very appealing and positive spread of aura that motivates and excites the learner. 

About the Artist

Chaytra is an artist, art instructor, graphic designer, and visual merchandiser. She is an experienced painter who experiments with various mediums like oil paint, acrylic, watercolour, pastels, dry pastels and many more. 

The Impasto Painting Workshop Began 

The workshop began with the host introducing the expert, Chatrya. She then took over the session and started with a quick introduction to impasto painting and what it entails. 

After deciding on the exact painting, Chatrya progressed to explaining how to start the process. She started painting and made sure to keep all the attendees well aware of the materials used. She carefully explained each step that was involved in perfecting the work.

Chatrya took special efforts in order to give them an in-depth share of knowledge about the impasto style of painting. She patiently answered all the questions the attendees asked.

Towards the End of the Workshop 

Towards the end of the workshop, a beautiful Impasto art piece was created that looked absolutely stunning. The attendees of the workshop co-created the art piece too. These attendees were of different ages but with similar curiosity about exploring art and art forms. 

On successful co-creation of the art piece, attendees were highlighted and received constructive feedback from the expert herself. Overall the session turned out to be a great one that motivated and enlightened the curious learners of the generation.

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