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7 Ways To Start Making Art On The Rooftop App

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Learning Art Through Practice On The Rooftop App

Hello, art enthusiasts! Are you unsure about how to continue your art journey? No need to worry, when Rooftop is here! In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult for artists to find the time to sit down and create. When you finally find the time, you may face a lack of motivation. To find your artistic voice, improve your skills, and establish yourself as an artist, you have to start creating art. If you have been interested in traditional art forms of the past but do not know where to start or how to practise them, you can start right here, on the Rooftop app.

Art is a journey of self-exploration. Creating art can be therapeutic for some and a rigorous refinement of technique for others. Nevertheless, the artist should never stop creating or stifle their sense of creative expression. Let Rooftop guide you through seven ways you can start creating art by using the various tools available on the Rooftop app.

1. Use Rooftop App To Enrol In A Maestro Course

Have you ever wanted to dive into the exciting world of traditional art forms but didn’t know where to start? Rooftop works with national award-winning artists to bring you maestro courses on nine distinct and culturally significant art forms. These courses are designed for everyone, regardless of their skill level. So whether you’re a creative professional or an amateur artist looking to expand your artistic horizons, the Rooftop app has got you covered.

Rooftop’s maestro courses are designed for learners to develop hands-on experience in an art form. Learn from award-winning master artists and start creating your own authentic traditional art right away.

2. Attend A Free Workshop On The Rooftop App

Rooftop App

Phad painting looks like something you can’t wait to try out, but you aren’t sure if it is the perfect fit. You could take the Maestro course and discover that you’re a Phad painting prodigy. But what if you could try out other art forms before committing yourself to learning just one? You’re in luck! The Rooftop app offers free workshops on several traditional, folk, and tribal art forms. If you’re an art enthusiast who wants to dive headfirst into the rich world of Indian traditional art but isn’t quite sure which one to go with, why not try them all?

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3. Tap ‘Inspire Me’ To Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Gotten stuck while working on artwork? Feeling a lack of inspiration holding you back? Fret not—here’s Rooftop to the rescue! Listen to traditional and folk artists answer questions about their paintings. Learning about their creative choices will help you understand which ones to make on your own. You can use the motifs and techniques you learn about in your own art.

You may want your painting to exude a romantic atmosphere, without being cliche about it. Use the ‘Inspire me’ section to scroll through paintings until you find a piece that radiates the aura you want to recreate. Study the artist’s techniques and use of colour. Use it as a starting point for your own art and play around with motifs and designs until you’re satisfied. The next time you need inspiration, you know where to look for it!

4. Learn Something New Through Rooftop App’s ArtWiki

So you’re learning about Mata Ni Pachedi, but something about Warli art catches your interest as well. Why not learn a bit more about it before you dive head-first into a course? Browse the art wiki section on the Rooftop app for information on over 40 traditional art forms, filled to the brim with information curated just for you.

Learn about the origin, etymology, cultural significance, motifs, medium used, and other aspects of any traditional art form in a single place. Meticulously compiled, the Artwiki may be useful to learn about similar art forms and styles. Implement art techniques from different art forms into your art to give it a unique look. Play around with designs and motifs by adding Warli patterns to a Pattachitra painting. Experimenting with art forms and styles will lead to your art developing a unique visual language.

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5. Create Art And Post It On The Community Tab

Once you’ve finished a piece, share it with other art lovers by uploading it using the community feature on the Rooftop app. Ask them for feedback and answer any questions they may have. Using the Rooftop app, you can let your art inspire others and let others inspire you. Learn, improve, and grow with other artists.

Post your art after every workshop or course you take, and you’ll be able to notice your improvement over time. You may be able to befriend artists with similar goals as you. Enjoy working on your art goals through the features available on the Rooftop app.

6. Attend Art Workshops With Friends On The Rooftop App

Everything’s better with a friend or two! Attend live workshops anytime, anywhere, and join your friends in creating art. Learn from each other and hone your creative skills. Or get together with your friends and organise an art date with one of Rooftop’s offline workshops. Relax and unwind together while losing yourself in the world of traditional art.

Every workshop contains practical aspects and will teach you how to create a particular motif, pattern, or composition. Attending these live or offline workshops will ensure that you’re putting your skills into practice and actively making art instead of just listening to information about it. Reignite your passion for creativity and use the Rooftop app to connect with others who want to put their love for traditional art forms into practice.

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7. Read Blogs For Information And Inspiration

So you’ve learnt the skills and all that’s left is to put your ideas down on a canvas. You have an idea for a Madhubani painting, so you start sketching it out. Everything is going swimmingly—until you get to the border. You have no idea what to do! You don’t want to watch a video from the Maestro course for such a small hiccup.

A quicker way to browse for ideas and information is to read the blogs on the Rooftop app. These blogs are comprehensive, engaging, and to the point—perfect for that five-minute art break before you get back to practice.

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By Melissa D’Mello

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