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7 Leading Instagram Art Trends You Must Try

Art trends

Do you want to stay at the top of the latest art trends? We’re here to help! We’ve picked the most interesting and fun-to-do trending art activities for you. Here are the top art and creativity trends that are all over Instagram.

Get Creative with these Cool Art Trends 

1. Me vs my best friend

Me vs my best friend using Indian art
Artwork credit: Himani Rawat & Biraja Barik, Rooftop

The best way to enjoy the experience of creating art is with your close ones. According to this trend, choose any design and divide the parts you and your friend(s) will work on, equally. The idea is to bond, relax, and create art together, with your friend(s)!

2. Free-Hand Watercolour Painting

Free-Hand Watercolour Painting
Artwork credits: Biraja, Rooftop

Watercolour floral designs have been popular for centuries and continue to be so even today, owing to the unique charm and elegance they add to an artwork. It is a timeless art trend that keeps coming back in different forms on Instagram.

To create a watercolour free-hand design, start by observing the basic shape of the flower and foliage. Then, using a thin brush and light strokes, begin to add in the first layer of colour, being careful not to overwhelm the paper with too much pigment. As you add more layers, allow the colours to blend and bleed into one another, creating a soft and natural effect.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques, such as wet-on-wet, dry brush, and salt effects to create unique textures and patterns in your artwork. These techniques can be especially effective when depicting the intricate details of flowers, such as the veins of a leaf or the delicate petals of a rose. When it comes to watercolour floral designs, the possibilities are endless.

3. Bottle decorating art

Bottle decorating art
Image Credit: Rooftop

Decorating bottles with art/motifs is a fascinating way to transform ordinary glass or plastic bottles into stunning works of art that can be used as decorative pieces or even as functional items. There is no limit to the creativity and imagination that can be poured into bottle decorating, and the result is always unique and eye-catching. Whether you’re looking to add some charm to your home decor or are creating personalised gifts for your loved ones, bottle decorating art is a fun and rewarding way to unleash your creativity and make something beautiful. 

You can decorate bottles with traditional art forms like – Warli, Pattachitra, and Alpana adding delicate embellishments such as beads and feathers, or a modern, sleek design with geometric patterns and metallic accents. There is a bottle decorating style to suit every taste and aesthetic.

4. Mandala

Artwork credit: Neha Panwar, Rooftop

Mandala art is one of the top art trends on Instagram. You will find aesthetically pleasing pictures and reels by artists. But do you know what Mandala art is all about?

Mandala art is a form of sacred geometry that originated in ancient Buddhist traditions. It is a circular design that symbolises the universe and represents a spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Mandala art is created using intricate patterns and designs, often with symmetrical shapes and colours, and is used as a tool for meditation and self-reflection. Mandalas can be made using a variety of mediums such as sand, paint, or even digital tools. It has become popular in recent years as a form of therapeutic art practice. The process of creating a mandala can be a calming and mindful experience, helping individuals to calm their thoughts and find inner peace. So you must try your hands on creating a mandala art if you are planning to take a break from your busy schedules. 

5. Paint a bookmark

bookmark with fish motif
Artwork credit: Piyush Ramchandani, Rooftop

Bookmarks are essential tools for readers to mark their pages and keep track of where they left off. While there are countless bookmark designs available in stores and online, creating your personalised bookmark can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your reading experience. It also makes for a lovely gift to give to a fellow book lover. Try out some different Indian art motifs instead of the typical flowers, quotes, and designs.

6. Ink drop art

ink drop art
Artwork credit: Biraja, Rooftop

Ink drop art, also known as inkblot or blob art is a form of abstract art that involves dropping ink onto a surface. The surface can be either paper or canvas. It involves allowing the ink to spread and take to various shapes and patterns. The technique often involves applying ink of varied colours and manipulating the droplets by spreading them across the paper or canvas by either blowing on them or by moving the surface.

The resulting artwork can be highly unpredictable and unique, as the ink spreads in unpredictable ways. Ink drop art is therapeutic, as the process of creating it can be meditative and calming. It has also become popular among artists as a way to experiment with different textures and forms without strict guidelines or rules.

7. Filling-out shapes art

filling out shapes art
Artwork credit: Nisha Rana, Rooftop

This type of art has gained popularity in recent years, with many artists showcasing their work on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube shorts. The artist creates a shape or outline of an image and then fills it with colours, patterns, or textures, giving it a unique and vibrant look. The shapes can be simple or complex, and they can be filled with a variety of materials, including paints, markers, pencils, or digital tools.

One of the advantages of filling out shape art is that it can be easily adapted to different skill levels. For beginners, starting with simple shapes and colours can help build confidence and gradually move towards more complex designs. Advanced artists can experiment with intricate patterns and textures, creating detailed and captivating images.

digital art
Artwork: Biraja, Rooftop

Filling out shape art can be therapeutic and relaxing, as the process of filling in shapes can be meditative and calming. Here are some filling-out shape art forms- Gond, Bhil, Madhubani. These art forms use bright, vibrant colours and different patterns which are very pleasing to the eye and relaxing. 

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