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5 Ways Everyone Can Support Indian Art

Why must we support Indian art?

Art is a medium of expression and freedom that is reflected in an artist’s work. Indian art has existed for thousands of years and contributes to the culture of a region. Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge and thereby, interest, with regards to ancient Indian art forms, they might soon become unknown to the modern generation. We must take steps to support Indian art.

Art forms such as Pichwai, Gond, Phad, Tanjore painting, etc need to be revived in order to preserve heritage. Creating awareness about the importance of Indian art is a crucial step towards its protection.

Here are some ways we can encourage and support Indian art. 

Buy local artwork

Image source: Pinterest 

In the modern day competition of having classy and expensive houses, home owners buy the most alluring home decor which is imported from all over the world. What they fail to realise is that the variation in Indian art is such that it could fit well into every aesthetic imaginable

In addition, buying from local artists increases their recognition and revenue, which supports their family and livelihood. 

On careful observation, one can tell that local art is far more intricate and superior than store bought items due to the precision and care put into its creation.  

Show appreciation to support Indian art

Image source: Cottage9

Showing appreciation for Indian art on digital media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook is beneficial to boost their business. This helps them get discovered online and grow their visibility, leading to more opportunities in the future. 

The collection of Indian folk art is also a means of encouraging the local artist to follow their passion. 

Attend Indian art events and exhibitions

Image source: Painted Rhythm Art Gallery

Indian art is getting increasingly recognised in several schools and art institutes. Teaching students our traditional art forms will help in the understanding and therefore, revival of these art forms. There are a plethora of Indian art festivals and exhibitions throughout the country. These have been especially introduced to educate people about traditional art.   

 Avoid bargaining

Image source: Avidipta

Store bought and factory purchased art is sold at a cheaper price than a handmade piece of Indian art. Hence, the average customer gravitates towards the readymade items. 

The price of a traditional Indian art work is justified due to its intricacy, care and precision. Local artists spend days, if not hours, to perfect their paintings. The personal touch deserves a good rate. Bargaining might be an effective way to avoid scammers, but the honest artist usually faces the brunt. 

Go for an Indian art workshop or course

Image source: Rooftop App

If you have a keen sense of interest and enthusiasm for Indian art, this is the best way to show your appreciation. Attending workshops and courses held by local artists or organisations benefit your knowledge and understanding of the art. More importantly, it gives the artist a boost to continue their journey and follow their passion. 

Participating in an Indian art form is a way of exploring and expanding your creativity and helping the traditional art form flourish. Showing appreciation post the workshop creates more awareness among people and brings in more potential traffic. 

For a good variety of workshops and courses, check out the Rooftop App here! 

Honorary mention 

Another way to support Indian art is by promoting cultural tourism. India has a rich cultural history that shines through in the paintings and other local handicrafts. The designs, the artistic skills and the ability to create magic out of raw materials should be showcased globally. 

Image source: Rajasthan Studio

Rajasthan Studio plans several art-based experiences during your travel to cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. This initiative offers a more holistic and interactive experience with award-winning artists and helps to support Indian art created by them. 

Check out the Rajasthan Studio website.

In conclusion 

These are some of the most common and effective methods by which we can preserve and protect Indian art. However, simply knowing about them is not enough, we must implement them as much as possible in our daily lives in order to revive these ancient art forms.

To learn more about art forms, download the rooftop app from Google Play or App Store to stay updated on our upcoming art events and workshops. Stay tuned to rooftop blogs and follow us on @rooftop_app.

By Freya Bulsara 

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