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5 Must-Visit March Art Exhibitions and Festivals in India

As we enter the month of March, we have the chance to explore many more Indian art exhibitions and festivals that promise to captivate their audiences! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, visiting an art exhibition will allow you a chance to mingle with like-minded people in the art community. It will also help you expand your creativity. 

These selected few events give us an insight into India’s diverse world of art. Mark your calendars with this month’s must visits and have a lovely art-filled March! 

The World Art Conclave 

A red circle with WAC written in the middle in bold white.
Image Source: Art Expo 2024

The World Art Conclave is the perfect exhibition for budding artists and galleries to showcase their artworks and expand the art community. Artists can also connect with other art experts and gallery owners in the same room to gain first hand knowledge about their successful careers.

A wide range of art forms and styles are welcome to be presented to a jury, who will decide the specific artworks to be displayed. It offers an opportunity to widen your scope of art. One has to be open to many more styles present in the international art community. 

Additionally, you are able to engage in several workshops, seminars, live art demonstrations and much more! 

Rajan Jadhav, founder and director of this event, has also founded “The original Maestro” during the 2020 lockdown, under which he organises similar exhibitions, seminars and workshops.

Where: Nehru Centre, Mumbai 

When: 27th March to 30th March 2024

Timings: 10am to 7pm

The Elephanta Festival 

A group of people dressed in traditional clothing performing a dance.
Image Source: Adotrip

The Elephanta Festival, organised by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation MTDC, is one of the most frequented festivals in Mumbai. It is held on Elephanta Island, which is adjacent to a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Elephanta Caves. This festival does wonders for the promotion of tourism and diversity of culture in India. 

It does a fantastic job of bringing the people of India together in one place to display their talent. The performances showcase a rich heritage in folk art, dance and theatre.

The audience is seated below the open sky, creating a nice ambience to enjoy the performances. The festival is dedicated to the multitude of folk dance styles and folk music that India has to offer. All in all, the attendees of this festival have a music and dance filled evening.

The easiest way to reach this venue is to take a ferry or a boat from the Gateway of India at Colaba, Mumbai. It will be a journey of around an hour and a half. 

Where: Elephanta Islands, Mumbai 

When: 25th March 2024 (two consecutive days)

Timings: 7pm to 10pm 

The Masters and the Modern Art Exhibition 

A man standing and viewing an art exhibition.
Image Source: Yometro 

The Masters and the Modern exhibition gives us a representation of the Old and Modern Classics, all in one place. Archana Shenor, the curator of this exhibition calls it “a platform where the timeless works of our masters and the innovative explorations of modern artists, converge, offering a narrative that is both reflective and forward thinking.” 

You will see the works of some of the most prolific names in the art community such as M F Husain and Ganesh Pyne; along with the upcoming maestros such as Ram Kumar, K G Subramanyan and Jogen Choudhury. 

Exhibitions like this one prove to us that art has no limits or boundaries, evolution is always possible! 

Come visit this exhibition and experience the trajectory of art, from the past to the present!

Where: Gallery G, Lavelle Rd, Bangalore 

When: Till 31st March 2024 

Timings: 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) 

The Spring Collection Art Exhibition

A group of people viewing an art exhibition.
Image Source: India Habitat Centre

The India Habitat Centre is another platform that brings out one’s cultural and artistic personality, where artists can display their talent. It hosts solo and group painting exhibitions throughout the month, such as the solo exhibit by Nishita Baderia, the group painting exhibitions and the solo exhibition by Parboni Bose. 

The Delhi Spring Collection exhibition 2024 is among the top exhibitions hosted by the Centre,  showcasing a ton of mesmerising but affordable art pieces. These paintings have been created using various mediums such as oil, acrylic and water colours. 

This exhibition would be a good idea to visit for all the budding artists who have not found their individual style.

Where: Open Palm Court Gallery, Delhi

When: 14th March 2024 (two consecutive days)

Timings: 8am to 6pm 

Kali: Reverence and Rebellion

Goddess Kali standing over a man.
Image Source: DAG

Kali: Reverence & Rebellion exhibition, curated by Gayantri Sinha, dives into the exploration of the various avatars of Goddess Kali and her divine feminine to create gorgeous artworks. 

These paintings trace the journey of Kali, from her earlier representations to newer theories. Here one would witness paintings and ceramic figurines among other works. 

Go visit this exhibition to add onto the endless modern interpretations of Goddess Kali, cause isn’t that what art is all about? 

Where: DAG, Windsor Place, New Delhi 

When: Till 30th March 2024

Timings: 10:30am to 7pm

Summing it up

The month of March has an exciting array of festivals and exhibitions to enjoy! Use your creative instincts to allow these artistic works to inspire you. Embrace the diversity in all these events and be open minded to new experiences because art never disappoints! 

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By Freya Bulsara

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