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5 Must-Visit February Art Exhibitions and Festivals In India 

February Art Exhibitions

As the month of February dawns, the Indian art scene continues to flourish, offering a captivating array of February art exhibitions and festivals. This specially curated list promises to enthral art enthusiasts, collectors, and those curious about the world of creative expression. From an art festival and crafts mela to exhibitions on folk, traditional and modern Indian art. Here’s a list of must-visit art exhibitions and festivals taking place across India this month.

1. Taj Mahotsav

(Image Source:

Mark your calendars for this amazing cultural festival topping our list of February Art Exhibitions and festivals!

Taj Mahotsav, held near the Taj Mahal, is a significant annual event organised by the Ministry of Tourism. The 2024 edition takes place from February 17th to 27th at Shilpgram, near the Taj Mahal’s Eastern gate.

Started in 1992, this cultural extravaganza celebrates its 32nd edition this year. The festival, listed in the Department of Tourism’s calendar, attracts Indian and foreign tourists to Agra. Moreover, it is also supporting artisans by offering their work at reasonable prices.

One can witness close to 400 artisans showcase diverse crafts, including wood and stone carvings, and bamboo and cane work. It also includes paper maché, zardozi work, brass wares, handmade pottery, Chikan work, silk and zari work, and much more.

Not only that, the Mahotsav is also a culinary delight and features a variety of dishes prepared by renowned chefs, including traditional specialities from Uttar Pradesh! To add an element of fun, the festival’s funfair offers family entertainment, with rides for all ages. 

When: 17th – 27th February 2024

Where: Shilpgram, near the Taj Mahal’s Eastern gate, Agra

Entry fee: INR 50 (adults), Free (foreign tourists and children under 5). 

For a group of 100 school children in uniform, Rs. 500/- (Free entry for 2 teachers).

2. Surajkund International Crafts Mela

(Image Source: Haryana Tourism)

Artsy Folks of Faridabad, save the dates to witness a fantastic display of India’s art and culture!

President Droupadi Murmu officially inaugurated the Surajkund Mela last Friday, 2nd February – a crafts mela that is a highlight on the international tourist calendar and draws over a million visitors, including numerous foreign tourists.

This crafts mela showcases India’s diverse handicrafts, handlooms, and culture. Organised by the Surajkund Mela Authority and Haryana Tourism in collaboration with Union Ministries, the 37th edition features Gujarat as the Theme State, with participation from 20 countries and all Indian states. 

Renowned national and international folk artists perform at open-air theatres, preserving heritage crafts in a dedicated section. The Food Court offers global cuisines, while designated areas provide amusement and adventure, making this Mela a must-visit for all ages!

Admission to the fair on weekdays (Monday to Friday) is priced at ₹120, and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the ticket cost is ₹180. You can book the tickets on the BookMyShow website.

With a celebration of folk culture and art, this crafts mela is surely a fitting addition to our list of February Art Exhibitions. Go visit it before it ends!

When: 2nd February – 18th  February, 2024

Where: Surajkund, District Faridabad

3. Kali: Reverence and Rebellion

(Image Source: DAG)

Organized into distinct segments, this exhibition at DAG follows the far-reaching impact of Goddess Kali throughout the subcontinent. 

It delves into the exploration of Kali and the divine feminine entities associated with her. Watch contemporary artists breathe new life into the age-old portrayal of the goddess, inviting viewers to connect with Kali on a deeper, more personal level.

Witness the goddess depicted in various art styles such as Kalighat pat, glass painting, miniature painting, lithographs, and numerous other artistic mediums.

When: 03 February 2024 onwards, 10:30 am – 7:00 pm

Where: DAG, 22A, Janpath Road, Windsor Place, New Delhi

4. Roots: Art from the Tribal Heartland of India 

Dive into traditional Indian art this month with this unique art exhibition from our list of February art exhibitions!

Roots – Art from the Tribal Heartland of India, is an exhibition showcasing the diverse works of multiple Adivasi artists. This extraordinary collection celebrates the unique visual expressions of the Adivasis, offering a glimpse into their world.

The captivating paintings within this exhibition vividly portray the artists’ perspectives on the world around them. Featuring the talents of individuals from four central Indian tribes – the Baiga, Mandavi, Pardhan Gond, and Rajwar – these remarkable artworks transcend traditional boundaries. The exhibition, curated by the seasoned Dr Alka Pande and art historian Mitchell Crites, highlights artworks from 24 artists representing four tribes of Central India.

Watch these artists skillfully transform and adapt their paintings, previously confined to walls, by exploring new pigments and surfaces, expanding their creative palettes in response to the evolving artistic landscape.

When: 2nd February – 14th February 2024

Where: Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi

5. Timeless Strokes: The Masters

Lot 89 – S H Raza, Ankuran, Acrylic on Canvas, 1992 (Image Source: Architectural Digest)

Craving to see the artworks by legendary Indian artists? This exhibition is a must-visit!

In commemoration of its 20th anniversary, Galleria VSB is presenting a group exhibition titled “Timeless Strokes: The Masters.”

This showcase features the works of 24 modern and contemporary masters such as FN Souza, SH Raza, MF Hussain, KH Ara, Manjit Bawa, KG Subramanyam, Asit Kumar Mandal, B Prabha, Jogen Chowdhury, Chameli Ramachandra, and more.

While the remarkable impact of these esteemed artists is undoubtedly captivating, what sets this art exhibition apart is its commitment to providing a unique perspective on both the artworks and the personal journeys of the artists.

When: Up to February 9, 2024

Where: Galleria VSB, Delhi

Wrapping It Up

This colourful month brings forth a vibrant array of February art exhibitions that span centuries and cultures and the ones in this specially curated list offer something for every art lover. Embrace the stories, emotions, and creativity that these exhibitions have to offer, and let the world of art continue to inspire and enrich your life!

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