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5 Mesmerizing Art Therapies You Should  Definitely Try

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For thousands of years, people have relied on the arts as a means of self-expression, communication, and healing. In order to help people in therapy, ‘Art therapy’ uses the creative process, artwork produced in therapy, and outside artwork.

Keen to find out how several art therapies might help you in different ways? Keep reading.

Sculpting (Family sculptures)

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Art therapists have long utilized clay or other materials to create sculptures, but family sculpture is a more recent intervention. Each family member or a representation of each member is sculpted by the client. These images reflect characters; for example, a huge figure can indicate an overbearing parent. The client also arranges the figures in relation to one another. The client symbolically demonstrates to the therapist the connections and modes of communication within the family even while other members are not there.

Digital art

Image credits: TechWagera

The methods employed by therapists in relation to digital art and media are the most recent and unproven in terms of their therapeutic efficacy. However, the cultural shifts these new media platforms have brought about necessitate that therapists continue to offer digital options.

Digital arts software enables users to create paperless collages instead of cutting and pasting images from magazines and books. While some therapists contend that utilizing computers excludes the sensory pleasures of creating, others point to examples of younger generations who prefer to create digitally and more naturally than with pencils or paint brushes.

Image credits: HiArt

Researchers discovered a connection between autism and a preference for visual and spatial learning by examining children with autism and their preference for this form of art therapy.

Wood carving

Image credits: Designing Buildings Wiki

The tactile technique of wood carving teaches patients to be exact and patient, which can be soothing and help with concentration. Patients can carve wood into 3D sculptures or textured motifs on boards using instruments like knives, gouges, and chisels. While a wood carving may take longer to finish than an artwork made using another technique, this extra time is frequently helpful for patients to commit to the project and develop confidence in their abilities as the carving advances.

Journaling (Art Journaling)

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Art journaling is something that can be beneficial for both personal wellness and art therapy. Art journals are just what their name implies: journals filled with your own artwork. You can also contribute words, whether they be a few scattered words or many pages of written thoughts.

As you will probably be covering all of the pages with paint, fabric, paper, and other materials, or changing all of the pages with new page inserts, you can choose a title and subject that has personal significance to you, but you can also choose any theme. Anything can be included in an art journal, from scrawled lines to a 3-D folded paper masterpiece, and almost anything can be deemed art. 


Image credits: One Big Photo

Phototherapy is a branch of art therapy that involves using clients’ own pictures, family albums, and other people’s photos during therapy or counselling sessions with qualified therapists.

Because it is so integrated into our lives, photography offers numerous advantages in art therapy. Because digital photography is so accessible, there are fewer obstacles to entry, making it simpler for people to experiment and then evaluate their work.

The goal of photography art therapy, like many other types of therapy, is to get people talking and thinking about their memories and feelings so they may express them and, in some way, come to grips with difficult life circumstances.

On our way to the journey of the day’, we pass across thousands of souls,

Not knowing in their hearts reside hundreds of tiny holes,

Voids they want to fill or leave it open for something more? 

Only God knows!

Little do we try to heal ourselves,

But have we ever imagined the power to do so lies within a spell?


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