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5 Amazing Art Activities To Try With Your Kid This Monsoon!

Art Activities for Kids During Monsoon

It is a gloomy afternoon and you and your kids are bored at home and you have nothing fun to do! Or maybe work occupies most of your time and you are unable to spend some quality time with your kid? If so, we have just the right solution for you. We bring you 5 activities that are upbeat and unusual! So gather your art supplies and start co-creating.

Natural Collages

Image credits: Mother Natured (L); Childhood 101 (M);  Tim Mackay (R)

Freakish as it may sound, trust us because you are going to love what you and your child are about to create. Take a full-length photo of you and your child, remember the photo should not cut you or the child anywhere. After this, walk into the nearby garden with your child and gather materials like leaves (dried or fresh), flowers, twigs, etc. Not only from the garden you can collect materials from your household too. Material like old clothes, colours and much more.

Subsequently, after gathering begin with the funky part. Give your and the child’s imagination a spree and let it guide you ahead. Stick the material across the photo. Change the background of the photo or design funny clothes on the photo. When it is completed you have a new picture to hang on the wall. With this, you were successful to steal some moments of laughter with your child. Create a memory that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Pastel Scribbles Activities

Image credits: Alamy (L); Dreams Time (M); Modes4U (R)

Are you are looking for an activity with your toddler? If yes then we got something for your toddler. It is easy and harmless, all you have to do is get some watercolours and pastel crayons. Colour the whole paper with watercolour, different colours and hues will give the image pop. Later, hand your child the crayons and let them scribble on the coloured paper. This painting will be a joint result of the efforts of your munchkin and you.

Kaleidoscope Of Colours

Image credits: The Baglady (L); The Crafty Crow (M); Kim Love (R)

A unique activity that guarantees not only fun but also a source of healthy knowledge! Grab a canvas or some poster board. Gather the following materials in the said proportion. Take glue and water in a ratio of 1:1. Mix them well and create a paste. Later, ask your child to draw any shape he wishes to. Then transfer the paste to 5 different cups and add different colours to the cup. Tear some tissues and mix in the cups before the paste dries stick the tissue lump on the shape. Use your creativity and imagination to fill the shape. After tons of laughs and efforts, you have a colourful kaleidoscope. 

Veggies Print Activities

Art Activities
Image credit: Leaning into the journey (L); Fine Arts Museums of San Fransisco (M); Rit Dye (R)

Kids hate vegetables and despite how hard you try, more often than not you fail to get your kid to eat their greens. But what if Rooftop has a solution to it? We bring you art and vegetables together. Weird Right? Start by cutting capsicum, tomato, carrot, radish, onion or any other vegetable of the kid’s liking. Dip them in paints and start stamping them on clothes, cloth bags, and papers. A beautiful pattern is before you and your kids might even start liking the veggies afterwards!

Natural Imprints

Image credits: Popsugar (L); She Knows (M); WishWishWish (R)

One of the most aesthetic art activities is pressing flowers and leaves. From your lawn or garden as your child to gather flowers and leaves. Let them dry in sun for a while then take an old t-shirt that belongs to your kid and you (preferably white). Further place dried flowers and leaves in creative patterns and roll the shirt tightly. Keep it under pressure and take it out after some days. The results will astonish you and your kid will learn to recycle clothes intriguingly. 

Try these out before the magical rain bid us goodbye and discover the joy of creating art activities with your lovely children. 

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