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3 Reasons Why Rooftop’s Maestro Course is your Golden Ticket to Learn Indian Art! 

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Sometimes all you need to satisfy the artsy cravings is a quick art workshop. But at other times, you find yourself looking for something more to fulfil your unending hunger for art. Well, if you’re looking to gain a holistic learning experience of traditional Indian art forms, we have just the thing for you. Hold on to your art supplies, because like Marlon Brando famously said in The Godfather, we’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse!

The Maestro Course by Rooftop gives you the chance to co-create Indian folk and tribal art with maestros and get a certification in the end. But why choose Rooftop’s Maestro when there are already so many Indian art courses available elsewhere? Here are three reasons why!

You Learn More than Just Painting Indian Art

If you’re one of those who seek to know more than just the tip of the iceberg, Rooftop’s Maestro Course is for you! 

These courses do more than just teach you to paint a certain Indian art form. They also intend to enable you to gain insights into the associated traditions, rituals, symbolism, and culture. For instance, you will receive an introduction to the art form and your teacher and acquire knowledge about the history of the art, its origins, patterns, special supplies used, colours used, and a glimpse into the creative process of the maestro!

Now that is what we call some holistic art learning! So if you’re someone who gets a thrill from diving deep, this course is for you!

You can choose your level and learn at your own pace!

The Maestro Course offers a three-step difficulty level system carefully designed to foster a deep comprehension of the topic at hand. By empowering learners to select their preferred difficulty level and progress at their own pace, we ensure a personalized and enriching learning journey.

Learning the ABCs:

Before diving into the courses, it is essential to develop a solid foundation by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the rich history and cultural significance that has shaped the art form over countless centuries. This step ensures you get a notion of the art form before diving in with your brushes!

Basic Course:

The journey begins with the Basic Course, where we start by exploring individual motifs and gradually progress towards creating a simple yet captivating art piece tailored for beginners. This course provides a solid introduction to the art form, laying the groundwork for further exploration.

Intermediate Course:

As learners advance to the Intermediate Course, they delve deeper into the art form, immersing themselves in a comprehensive study of its various aspects. This stage encompasses a thorough understanding of the techniques, symbolism, and artistic nuances associated with the art form.

Advanced Course:

The Advanced Course propels learners into the realm of true mastery. Here, we delve even deeper into the intricacies of the art form, unveiling its hidden depths and complexities. Through rigorous exploration and practice, the artists guide participants to create a final art piece that showcases their newfound expertise and creativity.

Bonus Course (Availability subject to the course):

To further enhance the learning experience, we offer a Bonus Course that explores the inherent elegance of the art form through various mediums. This course allows participants to experiment and expand their artistic horizons, exploring new possibilities and expressing their creativity in different ways.

This is no rat race; we believe the one holding the brush is in control. By offering this comprehensive range of courses, we aim to provide art enthusiasts with an art journey they can plan as per their needs.

Here’s a secret! Upon enrolling in a maestro course, we will also provide you with a curated Art Kit customized according to your chosen art form. This kit contains a practice workbook, a DIY canvas, a DIY tote bag, stickers, bookmarks and postcards. We always make sure that you don’t leave empty-handed!

You Get to Learn Indian Art from Award-Winning Maestros!

It is not every day that you get to enrol in Indian art courses taught by Padmi Shri awardees and National award recipients, do you?!

At Rooftop, we want art to be taught by none other than experts who have a passion for what they do. Our Maestro Courses are led by exceptional master artists, who have earned prestigious awards and gained recognition on both national and international levels. As most traditional art forms are taught through oral tradition, it is tough to gain easy access to the right people. Since Rooftop is dedicated to making art accessible for all, our Maestro courses serve as a medium for passing down treasured tricks and techniques of Indian art forms that hold sacred value. What truly distinguishes our Rooftop courses is our meticulously crafted exclusive teaching style, delivering an incomparable and truly one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Guess what’s better than a unique art learning experience? Getting certified in it! Our courses are reviewed and validated by experts from the renowned Sir JJ School of Arts and MSU Baroda. Additionally, the certification is conducted in partnership with CCRT (The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training), so art enthusiasts like you can practice this art form! Now won’t that be a nice addition to your artist portfolio! 

But that’s not all! There’s more! In addition to the recorded maestro courses, Rooftop provides personalized peer-to-peer (P2P) mentorship sessions facilitated by local expert artisans. These interactive sessions guarantee that learners do not miss out on any crucial details. And what better way to learn that to engage in hands-on practice combined with personalized guidance!


Many art explorers have yet to discover the vast ocean of art and cultural heritage in India. Most of them merely tread the shallow waters, but to know the real nature of the ocean, one needs to tread the deep waters as well. This Maestro Course is your golden ticket to board the ship and accompany us on our voyage into the fascinating world of Indian art. Are you ready to set sail?

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