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Best Art Galleries In India

10 Best Art Galleries In India For Art Enthusiasts To Visit

India worships art and has given birth to some brilliant artists. As a result, every nook and corner of the country has its form of art and displays some mesmerizing pieces. To witness the enchanting power of these art forms, you must see them yourself. This is the reason why museums and art galleries exist. To sate

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Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting: Bihar On The Front

Madhubani art originates in Mithila, the ancient city where Sita, King Janak’s daughter, was born. The king is claimed to have commissioned a Mithila painting to mark his daughter’s marriage to Lord Rama of Ayodhya. Today, Madhubani paintings thrive as a household art form based on social norms and rituals. Regenesis of Madhubani Paintings in

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Handicrafts of India

Art Without Limits: Explore Handicrafts Across India

Blessed with rich art and cultural heritage reflected in every detail that goes into making any handicraft item, India is truly a paradise for art lovers. India’s craftspeople have a mastery of their craft that cannot be learned in a few years, which makes these art forms more valuable. However, to pay homage to the

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Modern Art Paintings

Deep-Rooted Modern and Traditional Indian Art Paintings

India is a country blessed with a rich cultural heritage. One can find numerous art forms. Whether it is tribal, folk, religious or rural art forms, it has now gained popularity. Modern and traditional arts are the two styles of paintings that are popular among artists and art lovers. Traditional Indian art paintings has mythological and

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