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Hand Painted wooden coaster workshop

Hand Painted Wooden Coaster Workshop With Sruti Sarvepalli

Every day around us we have a bunch of casual but important little things. As we always use these things, we feel very used to their looks and we wish it should have been different. Such an important small part of art here plays a very salient role as it can help us make anything

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Intricate Bookmarks Workshop

Intricate Bookmarks Workshop with Dimple D Bhatia

Intricate bookmarks are artistic, beautiful and quite useful for all book lovers. Bookmarks can be made of different shapes and structures. One can use their creativity to the fullest to create bookmarks of different designs and sizes. To teach the unique art of creating bookmarks to art lovers around the world, The Circle Community conducted

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Pichwai Workshop

Pichwai Workshop with Richa Dwivedi

The word ‘Pichwai’ has its roots in Sanskrit. While ‘pich’ refers to ‘behind’, ‘wai’ means ‘hanging’. It is a traditional art form that emerged in the 17th Century at the Nathdwara temple in Rajasthan. Pichwais are intricate paintings dedicated to Shrinathji and are typically hung behind the idol of the deity in local shrines. The

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Realistic art

Realistic Art Workshop with Soumili

Realism refers to the mid-nineteenth century artistic movement that was characterized by painting subjects from everyday life in their natural manner. The term is generally used to describe artworks that are painted in a realistic photography way. French novelist Champfleury coined the term in the 1840s. To spread awareness about this art form among the

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