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Resin Art Coasters

Resin Art Coasters Workshop with Smita

Resin art has recently gained momentum and evolved to be every creative mind’s topic of discussion. The uniqueness that it allows learners to curate is the most enthralling part of the art form. Resin art is basically an art form wherein a running chemical called epoxy is blended with various colour pigments to create an

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Spooky Fudge Brownies

Spooky Fudge Brownies ( egg-free) Workshop with Shannon Sequeira

Fudgy chocolate brownies are a hit no matter who or what occasion is be it a birthday party, tea party, wedding. Halloween is the time when children, as well as adults, love having treats. So, how about baking brownies all by yourself? Make your kid’s birthday party by learning to make some super cool spooky

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Candle Making

Candle making workshop with Vidhi Panwar

Haven’t you adored the beautiful tiny structures of candles that are around you? Of course, we all have. And a lot of times we’ve felt we could do this, we could do that to alter it into a better version. So what’s stopping you? Let us straight get into the process and make the candle

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Hanging Bottle Lamps

Hanging Bottle Lamps Workshop with Payal Palan Thakkar

Creative minds never categorise any stuff as waste. Transforming them into a new and better form is what they strive for. So if you want to contribute to the same, get onto a learning drive with Rooftop community’s Hanging Bottle Lamps workshop with Payal Palan Thakkar.   Lamps are of utmost importance, well if not as

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