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Basic of Brushpen Calligraphy workshop

Basics of Brush Pen Calligraphy with Kaushani Shah

Brush pen calligraphy has become quite popular with the rise of video content on social media such as YouTube and Instagram. However, calligraphy is not a new art form. Its origin can be dated back to to 206 BCE – 220CE during the reign of the Shang dynasty. It became more prevalent during the rule

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Pithora painting workshop

Pithora Painting Workshop with Jayashree Mahapatraa

Pithora art is practised by the Rathva community residing in Gujarat and some parts of Madhya Pradesh. Elephant is one of the main motifs as their heroic god Raja Bhoj sits on the elephant. Red, yellow, green and blue are the main colours of Pithora Art.  The Rathwas seek the guidance of Badva ( chief

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