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15  Raksha Bandhan Threads Depicting The Lush Indian Heritage

15 Rakhi threads

India is a multicultural country with a wide variety of arts, crafts, and cultures. India is the birthplace of arts and crafts. It is famous for its artistry. Raksha Bandhan is one of the holidays that is gracefully and enthusiastically celebrated all across the nation, even though cultures have varying traditions. The love between siblings is unfathomably strong, and there is an unbreakable bond between a brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan symbolises this relation. The skill of making Raksha Bandhan threads is delicate and detailed. It got us wondering how many types of rakhi threads exist and what they mean hence we’ve listed 15 different types of Raksha Bandhan threads to help you along the way. Buckle up and join Rooftop on this adventure!

 Rudraksha Raksha Bandhan Thread

What makes Rudraksha auspicious? It comes from Lord Shiva’s teardrop. It is a divine source of good fortune, prosperity, health, and wealth. 

Kundan Rakhi

Kundan rakhi features colourful glass crystals encrusted in gold in a baroque design style. It is exquisite, distinctive, and can display the purity of a sibling bond. 

Silver Raksha Bandhan Thread

Silver Rakhis are gorgeous because of the silver work that we embossed in them, as well as various stones, gems, and beads that add to their charm and valour.

Image credits: Flipkart (1) ; Rakhiz (2) (3)

Lambha Rakhi

Attracting your blue eye, these traditional Rajasthani rakhis are quite aesthetically pleasing, crafted with a combination of mirrors, coloured sequins, and danglers.

Swastik Raksha Bandhan Threads

The Swastika, beamed from the world of Vedas, is associated with good fortune, auspiciousness,  and wealth.

Gold Rakhi

A Gold rakhi is usually the greatest choice as no other sort can match its opulence and glitz. The craftsmanship in a Gold Rakhi contributes to it being unrivalled and the greatest. Apart from bringing all the love, luck, and happiness.

Image credits: Flipkart (1); (2); (3)

Mauli Rakhi

Mauli is a sacred Indian thread as many devotional rituals around the country use mauli. It is the most common rakhi thread.

Chandan (Sandalwood) Rakhi

In Indian culture,  Chandan or sandalwood is considered sacred. The Chandan rakhi is adorned with a sandalwood tree cutout’s comforting aroma. Sandalwood Rakhi is said to spread success, provide eternal protection, and bestow a world of good luck on the brother.

Zari Raksha Bandhan Threads

One of the finest Rakhis you can give to your brother. The Rakhi include Zari work, along with golden embroidered work and zari strands. 

Image credits: Sendrakhizonline (1); Flipkart (2); Rakhiz (3)

Navratna Rakhi

It is done with nine different ratans (gemstones). Those are Cora, Ruby, Pearl, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Garnet and Cat’s eye.

Meenakari Rakhi

Various metals are coloured for different shaped rakhis. Meenakari is a Persian skill of decorating the surface of metals with beautiful colours?

Seed Raksha Bandhan Thread

Seed rakhis are of cotton or yarn. It is a type of rakhi that can make your Raksha Bandhan eco-friendly. Plant the seeds after the celebration. In order to cultivate a plant from your rakhi.

Image credits: Archiesonline (1); IndiaMart (2); IGP (3)

Pearl Raksha Bandhan Thread

From a long time ago, Pearl rakhis don’t seem to be losing appeal. Why would they? Beautiful designs are a result of creatively combining pearls in different shapes to make up a rakhi, which makes a very beautiful design.

Ganesha Rakhi

Ganesha removes obstacles from any endeavour. He is marking a new beginning in life. 

Peacock Raksha Bandhan Threads

In Hindu culture, spirituality, good luck and vision and direction symbolise peacocks. Wearing it as a Rakhi will bring wealth and purity to your brother.

Image credits: Flipkart (1); IGP (2); My flower Tree (3)

There are different varieties of Rakhi that you can tie around the wrist of your dear brothers. Whilst conveying the same feeling of love, caring, and support. So, give your brother a magnificent Rakhi as a value the timeless bond of siblinghood. This Raksha Bandhan, make it extra special by attending Rooftop’s Rakhi-making workshop and designing a handmade rakhi for your brother with the goodness of your love.

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