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15 Ganpati Art And Craft Ideas For Kids To Try Out

15 ganpati art ideas

As Ganesh Chaturthi approaches, festive enthusiasts, especially kids, gear up to celebrate with creative flair. The cute little chubby boy-like body with an elephant head makes Lord Ganesha more adorable and popular amongst the kids. Kids look for Ganpati art and craft ideas that are simple and enjoyable.

Every kid waits for this day to participate in the celebration to bring their favourite Bappa home. So if you’re looking for ideas to keep your little one occupied this year, look no further! 

Rooftop has gathered 15 Ganpati art and craft ideas that are simple and enjoyable for all ages. Get creative; celebrate this Ganeshotsav with pomp and grandeur.

Sculp An Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol

eco friendly ganpati
Image credits: The Hans India

With the drastic change in climatic conditions, people are accepting eco-friendly measures. Clay idols are organic and easy to make. You can find DIY-coloured clay in the market. A great Ganpati Art and Craft Ideas.

Make Scrumptious Modaks

We all know that modak is a favourite delicacy of Ganesha. Why not you take along your kids to prepare modak for the festival?

Image credits: Conde Nast Traveller India

Let them enjoy the process of preparing modaks for their favourite deity. There are many recipes you can find over the internet.

Craft Origami Ganapati

All kids love paper crafting. You can try something unique, like crafting origami Ganesha. Take help from online videos to learn paper folding and teach it to your kids. This idea will surely build curiosity in kids.

Origami ganpati
Image Credits: Youtube

Decorate A Platform For The Idol

If you have already carved an organic idol, you will need a platform to place it to worship. Let your kids don their creative hats and decorate the pedestal for the idol. The kids will enjoy this process of DIYing the entire Ganeshotsav this year.

ganpati DIy
Image credits: Youtube

Craft An Umbrella For Ganesha

As you bring a Ganapati idol or carve one at home, an umbrella behind the idol will enhance its beauty. Craft an umbrella with all the items like buttons, coloured papers, unused straws and toothpicks etc., available at home.

Decorate Aarti Thaali

As you are done with all the decorations, you can ask your kids to decorate an aarti thali for the puja. Use readily available thermocol plates or spare thalis to decorate or colour them.

Make Ladoos

Just like modaks, ladoos are Ganesha’s favourite too. These delicious ladoos are loved by all kids. Choose a kid-friendly recipe for making ladoos and ask your kids to assist you. Do reward them with ladoos for their hard work.

Image credits: Hindustan Times

Create Ganesha Artwork With Lentils

Crafting Ganesha with lentils is a new form of artwork. You can teach your kids this form and they can gift them to their friends. You can also use this idea to make invitation cards for the guests.

Explore DIY Kits For Kids

DIY kits are available in the market. The kids will surely love these kits as it helps their creative juices to flow. These kits are easy to explore under the supervision of a guardian.

Design Rangoli

As you have planned all the indoor decorations, do not forget to make a beautiful rangolis outside your door to give a dash of colour to your celebration.

Get your kids along with you and design colourful rangolis to welcome Ganapati pompously.

Rangoli artwork
Image credits: Youtube

Make Ganapati CD Wall Hanging

You can help your kid make beautiful wall hangings from old CDs. Let them cover the CD with colouring paper and craft a Ganapati image on it. Hang them as decoratives or gift them to the guest.

Make Ganesha With Printable Papercraft

Ganesha paper crafts are easily available over the internet. You can print them and help your kids with the paper folding to craft Ganesha idols out of paper.

Use this crafted Ganesha paperwork to decorate the pandal or give them as a gift to the guests invited for the puja.

Craft Corner Bookmarks

These easypeasyandfun corner bookmarks are easy to make; even pre-schooler can try them. You only need colour paper, scissors, glue, and a little supervision.

Make Origami Flowers To Decorate

Origamis are fun and easy-to-make paper crafts that all kids enjoy making. Help them with the basic folds and display them during the celebration as decorative.

Image credits: Amazon (1); Youtube (2)

Draw Ganapati Artwork

Lastly, ask your kids to draw colourful Ganapati on their drawing pad. Several videos you can refer to on the internet.

A festival like this is a great opportunity for kids to keep in touch with their traditions through crafts and fun activities. You and the family can have a blast with these 15 Ganapati art and craft ideas. Rooftop wishes you and your family a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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