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15 Easy Art Activities For Kids To Do At Home

Art activities

Art for kids is not just an escape from their boredom but a necessary aspect of their lives to live the fullest of it. Art boosts the self-esteem of children and helps in the overall development of their motor, cognitive, socio-emotional, and multisensory skills. Rooftop has handpicked 15 such art activities that your kids will enjoy doing in their free time, having the material needed in the comfort of your home.

Bell Pepper Prints

A dash of bell pepper and some acrylic paints are all that you need for this activity. Dip the chopped bell pepper into the paint and press it onto the surface of your choice and let it dry overnight. It enhances planning and foresight in children.

Pattern Artwork

Also known as mosaic artwork, it develops organizational skills in your child. Sketch a design on cardboard and take the broken tiles colour-wise and glue each piece individually on it to make the perfect design.

Stamped Fabrics

Use items like sponges or leaves. Dip them in fabric colour and press them onto your clothes. Remove the stamp and let the impression dry. Wearing something they created boosts their confidence a lot.


Try this activity to enhance your child’s imagination power. Cut different images from a magazine and glue them together on a sheet of paper. Use coloured pencils or markers for the finishing touch.

Painting Cutlery

Let your child paint the upper portion of serving cutlery with acrylic paints and patterns they want and let the paint dry. These kinds of activities help in improving the motor skills of your child

kids art activities
Image credits: Pinterest(1,3,5); MEC Artworks (2), Curriculum Nacional (4)

Clay Crafting

Using clay or playdough to make different creatures, trying playdough mats, forming letters, pretend play and many more. It pushes kids to engage in out-of-the-box thinking.

Splatter Painting

Dip your paintbrush into the desired colour then flick your wrist to splatter the paint across the paper. Let it dry. Giving the kids freedom to use paints for whatever they think of is a great way to boost self-expression in kids. 

Stone Succulents

These are your very own succulents made by gathering rocks and then decorating them with acrylic paint. Doing such activities explore processes and outcomes, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

kids art activities
Image credits: Mom Junction (1); 7 Days Of Play (2); Pinterest (3); Yummy Mummy Club (4); First Pallete (5)


Take one sheet of paper and oil pastels. After taping down the paper on a surface, let your child draw all over it with oil pastels. Scribbling improves the eye-hand coordination of your child.

Art With Sticks

Take a sheet of paper and create an image or landscape using popsicle sticks. Using popsicle sticks is a  tremendous way for helping strengthen fine motor skills for kids and so much more.

Kaleidoscope Collage

Mix craft glue and water. Let your child draws a large shape on the poster, and brush the mixture on it. Apply tissue paper squares and repeat. Your kids get to polish their counting and pattern recognition skills through this activity.

Symmetry Painting

Symmetry painting builds implied memory with repeated movements of loading a paintbrush. Paint on one side of the paper, fold the second side over the paint, and press. You got it! 

Shaving Cream Marble

Create a layer of shaving cream then add colour and then, add liquid watercolour paint on top of the shaving cream. Swirl and repeat the process. It calms the mind and provides a feeling of satisfaction.

kids art activities
Image credits: Learning and Exploring Through Play(1); Pinterest(2,3); Kids Art and Craft (4)

Big Reveal

After taping the watercolour paper to a flat surface, let your child decorate it with watercolours and crayons. Gently remove the tape and stickers. Seeing the work they have produced gives them a strong sense of self.

Natural Collage

Gather “natural art supplies” from the landscape and use them to make a collage. It helps your child build fine motor skills and is also a fun way to develop your child’s awareness of colour and texture.

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