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10 Eco-Friendly Ganpati Ideas


What’s that sound? Did you hear it too? It’s the magical sound of celebration because soon Bappa will arrive in town. Ganesh Chaturthi is knocking on the doors, and like every year, we are eagerly waiting to celebrate this festival with pomp and grandeur. Eleven days of joy, family, friends, sweets, and food; in short, Ganesh Chaturthi depicts Indian culture in its true essence. The celebration signifies the birth of Lord Ganesha. On this day, the idol is worshipped to bring good luck, wisdom, and prosperity to every Indian household.

Image credits: Pinterest

What’s the most important thing in Ganeshotsav? Of course, the holy idol of Bappa. While we all get a positive vibe from the idol, there is another aspect of the celebration; pollution. The idols are made with colours, toxic chemicals, Plaster of Paris, and other harmful non-biodegradable adornments. A festival that signifies moral values, virtuousness, and prosperity lead to Mother Nature’s destruction. But there are ways to prevent this damage with eco-friendly idols. Rooftop is here with 10 quirky eco-friendly Ganpati ideas. 


Clay ganpati
Image credits: India Mart

One of the most convenient ways to make an eco-friendly Ganesha idol is with clay. First, take a chunk of clay dough and split it into four parts. Then, make several body parts and attach them well with toothpicks. You can also embellish with some unique Indian handicrafts. 


Chocolate Ganpati
Image credits: Deccan Chronicle (1); Indian Express (2)

Shocked? But it’s true. Who would have thought delicious chocolate could be turned into a Ganpati idol? In 2014, designer and baker Rintu Kalyani Rathod made a Ganpati out of chocolate. In 2011 she made a Ganpati idol with sugar, but it didn’t go well. You can easily immerse it in milk. 

Soil And Seeds

Seeds Ganpati
Image credits: True Ganesha

Plant-a-Ganesha has been a recent buzz in social media, where people make the idol with red soil, seeds, tulsi, and fertilizers. Then, at the end of the festival, you can easily dissolve it beneath the soil instead of immersing it. This Ganpati idol-making might taste your patience level.


Paper Ganpati
Image credits: Youtube (1); Blog Spot (2)

Newspaper and cardboard can be more than raddi. Newspaper Ganesha idol is one of the most innovative eco-friendly Ganpati ideas. Dip the newspaper cutouts in water for some time. Prepare a paste with flour and water to join the cutouts in another bowl. After drying, get experimental with some magical colours. 

Grains And Spices

Grains & Spices Ganpati
Image credits: DNA India (1); WordPress (2)

Your kitchen has the best solution to all your answers. From home remedies for diseases to adopting eco-friendly practices, your “Rasoda” always has your back. In 2016, some residents from Malad west, Mumbai, made a Ganpati idol from spices and grains. The motto was to infuse celebration and festival with environmental awareness. 

Betel Leaves

Betel Leaves Ganpati
Image credits: Kids Stop Press (1); Pinterest (2)

Though it is not one of the conventional eco-friendly Ganpati, it is the easiest to make. You can collect all the leaves and paste them with glue on contrasting sheets of paper. 

Paper Mache

Paper mache is a composite material that can be attached with glue to form the idol of Lord Ganesha. Add water to the paper mache and prepare a soft dough. Make different parts of the body with the dough. Attach it with glue and allow it to dry for 2 days. Pierce to create the eyes and crown. 

Biodegradable Waste

Bio degeradable ganpati
Image credits: Deccan Chronicles (1); India Times (2)

Making the best out of waste is the eco-friendly festival’s new mantra. You can make a unique Ganesha idol out of paper and bamboo. It will just 45 minutes to get completely dissolved in water.


Crayon Ganpati
Image credits: Rediff (1); Curly Tales (2); India Today (3)

Let’s ride to the past and revisit your precious childhood; it is time to have some fun with your crayon set. Create a Ganpati idol with a pop of nostalgia; ensure to use warm and bright colours. 

Play Dough

Playing Dough Ganpati
Image credits: Kidu Kidu

Celebration is all about making your family happy, especially children. Choose bright blue, green, red, or yellow hues to shape the different shapes. The process almost resembles clay Ganesha making. 

The basic concept of adapting eco-friendly ideas is to save the environment without changing the essence of Indian festivals. The decrease in idol immersion will prevent water and soil pollution and make this world better to breathe. 

Image credits: The Hans India

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