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10 Best Non-toxic Art Supplies For Kids

Non toxic art supplies

Art not only serves as an excellent platform for the curiosity of the children but also gives them ample opportunities to hone their skills and contributes to the overall development of your kids. According to a survey conducted by the Healthy Child Healthy World organization, art supplies available on the market can result in problems including headaches, nausea, burns, kidney damage and even cancer due to exposure to toxic chemicals. Rooftop brings you the 10 best non-toxic art supplies for your kids.

Veggie Baby Finger Paints

Image credits: How We Montessori

Available in 5 colours – purple, orange, green, pink and yellow, these just need some water to become your kids’ fun paint! These are easy to use and even edible, so if your child by mistake gets his fingers into his mouth, it will not harm him at all. You can easily access them on Amazon.

Ecopiggy Eco Glitter

Image credit: Earthhero

This glitter is plastic-free, plant-based and super sparkly. You can have it in gold, silver and turquoise for your kid. This glitter is also ultra fine certified cosmetic grade, so you need not worry even if your kid apply it on the face. You can get this from Earthhero

Check out these art hacks.

Faber-Castell Jumbo Broad Line Markers

Made in Brazil, these markers are made with food-grade dyes. Having ventilated caps to avoid choking and the not drying quality make them the best fit for your kids must have art supplies. Just dip them into the water and get your marker as good as new! Grab these markers on Amazon

Image credits: Amazon (l); The Well-Appointed Desk (r)

 Stubby Pencil Studio Coloured Pencils

These pencils are made from sustainable wood and non-toxic pigment from managed forests in Austria without any plastic or VOCs, thus being completely biodegradable. Having a jumbo size and bright 6 neon shades – pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, these eco-dry highlighter pencils are worth buying. Get them on Amazon

Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons

Being manufactured by New Zealand Beeswax and food-grade pigments, these crayons are purely natural and easy to use due to their ergonomic shape. Each set of these crayons contains 12 pieces that are hard to break. You can have them from Amazon

Image credits: Amazon (l,r)

Honeysticks Water Colour Paint

Made in New Zealand, each set comes in 8 colours including yellow, red, pink, purple, green, blue, brown and orange. Being made with food grade and natural ingredients, you can be sure of their non-toxic behaviour for your kids. They are easily available on Amazon

Rooftop is also providing completely safe and non-toxic art kits that include bright watercolours, a palette and a canvas, all in one for your kids to get the best experience painting. So, what are you waiting for get it from the Rooftop app now.

Jovi Plastilina Modeling Clay

They have 15 different colour rolls in each set. Colours such as white, yellow, orange, red, light blue, dark green, pink and violet, are available. This vegetable-based clay is non-hardening and completely reusable. Being malleable with a smooth texture, this modelling clay is easily available on Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Green Toys Dough

From the USA, Green Toys dough in an actual food facility with organic flour and food-grade colouring. Also, it becomes completely reusable by adding some drops of water to it if it gets dry. How awesome is that! Grab them on Amazon

 Crayons Rocks Crayons

From the USA, these crayons are shaped like rocks letting your child strengthen his grip muscles. Each set contains 16 non-toxic vibrant coloured and textured crayons. Crayon Rocks are available on Amazon

Image credits: Amazon (l); Earthhero (r)

Eco-kids Hop Scotch Sidewalk Chalk

The sidewalk from USA with calcium carbonate and natural dyes and is washable. These are with a pack of six egg-shaped chalks in a fun repurposed egg box. These are available on Earthhero

Let your kids paint their own world of imagination with these non-toxic art supplies. You can chime in with your child and create some art pieces to remember, check out these activities. There are a number of art activities that your children can perform in the comfort of home. 

Image credits: Mental Floss

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