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10 Beautiful Folk Art Forms That You Can Try For Yourself

Folk art to try for yourselg

India’s cultural and traditional life is vividly expressed by its traditional art and crafts. Subsequently, every region of India has its own unique artistic style and design. Are you interested in learning more about diverse types of folk art? Keep reading. Following is a list of traditional folk arts of India that you can explore to your fullest.

Garland making – Madurai

Garland flowers
Image credits: BBC

In the temple town of Madurai, flower garlands play a vital role in shaping Tamil culture. Above all, flower garlands come in a variety of designs depending on the weaving method used to connect them.

Madurai garland
Image credits: NewsOnAir

Thread cross Mandala

Thread cross Mandala
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Thin pieces of wood are used as a frame for thread-cross Mandalas. Further, they are wrapped in a variety of colourful threads to create geometric designs. Also, shapes of circles, squares, and triangles are used which vertically display flat things.

Pithora painting

Pithora Painting
Image credits: Pinterest

The Rathwa tribes of central Gujarat produce Pithora paintings as a form of ritual art. In fact, these paintings show Pithora, the primary deity. Additionally, the tribes paint their environment in vibrant colours. This art is currently produced on fabrics that are used as wall hangings.

Pata painting

Pata painting

Scroll painting is another type of art practised across the nation. To begin with, it can be done on fabric, palm leaves, or paper. Other names for it include Pata, Pachedi, Phad, etc.

Jogi art

Jogi Art
Image credits:

Jogi art is made up of dots and lines and is extremely detailed. To begin with, It mixes modern expressiveness with a straightforward aesthetic. Subsequently, Jogi art is a way for a family to visually show how they have uniquely explored their life. It can be produced using a single grass reed with a cotton-wrapped tip. Ordinarily, a pen is used to make black and white sketches. But working with acrylic and poster colours can be another way to make Jogi art.

Saora paintings of Orissa

Saora Painting

The saora tribe, which lives in the hilly areas of the Koraput, Gunpur, Ganjam, and Gajapati districts of south Orissa, creates saora paintings. Additionally, the curing of illness, healthy birthing, and other life events are all depicted in the artwork. Modern themes are widely used today, like bicycles, cars, and airplanes. Additionally, black, yellow, and ultramarine blue are occasionally employed to improve the visual impact.

Paitkar Painting

Paitkar Painting
Image credits: Rooftop

Hindu epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana serve as a primary influence for most of Paitkar’s paintings. Additionally, to make the painting brushes squirrel and goat hair are utilized. Human figures with enlarged eyes form a key element of these paintings. Also, today, vertical scroll paintings mainly exist as tourist postcard artwork.

Manuscript painting of Assam

Manuscript Painting of Assam
Image credits: Coroflot

Illustrations of stories from the Bhagavata, the Puranas, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata are included in the Assamese manuscripts. As a matter of fact, the colour utilised are indigo from the indigo plant, haital(arsenic sulphide), hengul (mercury sulphide), khorimati for white, and ash from silikha for black.

Warli bookmarks

Warli bookmarks

If you’ve ever looked for traditional artefacts or attempted to restore your home, you may have heard of “Warli paintings” or “Warli art.” Now it’s time to try Warli painting on bookmarks. Not to mention, currently, products and locations all around the world feature Warli tribal art.

Manjusha Art

Manjusha Art

This painting is the only type of Indian art that has ever been presented in a series. As a matter of fact, it contains a sequential portrayal of the narrative. Another name for this is a scroll painting. Manjusha art utilises pink, green, and yellow as the hues.

Indian Folk Art
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Folk art conveys common aesthetic and communal ideals, which express cultural identity. It includes a variety of materials that are both functional and aesthetic. If you’ve tried any of the above-mentioned art forms then share your experiences with us in the comments below.

Stat: According to popular belief, wood carvings of spirits are where the Warli design originated.

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